September 19, 2021

Leon Island’s Sharon Gaffka reveals the secrets of the villa and reveals why the competitions are filmed on the toilet.

Sharon Gaffka of LOVE Island has uncovered some of the secrets of the villa, including why the contestant is filmed on the toilet.

The former government employee, 25, was one of the original girls in the 2021 series and lasted for three weeks before being dumped.

Sharon Gaffka explains why the cameras keep moving while the competitors are in low.


Sharon Gaffka explains why the cameras keep moving while the competitors are in low.Credit: Splash.
Sharon Gaffka shares some secrets of the villa.


Sharon Gaffka shares some secrets of the villa.Credit: ITV

There was plenty of time to watch the show work, and it has its own ideas about some of the protocols.

When asked about the cameras in Loose after the producers said they were for health and safety reasons, he said. Daily Star“It goes in the black box so no one is looking at you in the toilet but it is there.”

“I don’t know. Maybe if someone is taking it to the toilet or people are having an argument in the toilet, they will want to use it properly.”

Sharon must have experienced one of the latest dates in the show’s history.

When she first met Danny Bobby, she didn’t return to the villa until 5 p.m.

He said: “We will sit in the garden and look at the sun and try to find out how long it is. It’s very strange, even when I came back from my date with Danny at 5 o’clock in the morning. Was like. “

Sharon recently claimed that the series he talked about was “never aired.”

Talking to Metro“I never had a lot of talk about modern dating on the show, but I was very open about being a mixed race woman in sex and modern dating,” she said.

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He added: “Well, I don’t know if I have to find out if I like girls and boys if I don’t know myself.”

During his conversation with Faye Winter, he confirmed his bisexuality and continued: “This is something I’ve been looking for but I’ve never been in a relationship with a woman.”

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