September 25, 2021

Lauren’s jobs are growing thanks to the investment of KW Water Minerals Limited.

Investing in expertise combines the company’s strategic focus with employees and organizational capability, bringing the total number of employees from a leading mineral processor outside Lauren to 200.

The new characters in the production follow the unprecedented demand for kilowatt products, including its K-rand commercial and residential renders.

The company works in various fields to control bacteria, including construction and agriculture, including throw color renders, exterior wall insulation systems, soil health conditioning minerals and livestock bedding solutions.

Kilwaughter Minerals Limited has invested Rs.

Gary Wilmot, Chief Executive, Kluwater Minerals, said: “With the economy emerging from the corona virus epidemic, we are working hard to respond to the ever-increasing demand, especially in our construction sector.

Moving towards a net zero economy is more of an agenda for heat-resistant homes, and it will increase the demand for our exterior wall insulation system for years to come.

While the kilowatt reaches a milestone of 200 employees in new positions, the company supports hundreds more in the local supply chain.

Gary added: “As a key employer in the Central and Eastern Antrim Borough and a catalyst for growth in the wider economy of Northern Ireland, we are committed to continuing local investment to expand our key market position. Are

“These new jobs allow us to meet the demand for our existing suites while we also focus on developing new and innovative solutions for further development.”

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