October 25, 2021

las 6 million energy fund to help lower bills for Glasgow homes.

Glasgow has been given 6 million by the Scottish government to save more homes on energy.

Cash will be allocated to tenants and private landlords to improve the cap will reduce gas and electricity bills for tenants and owners.

As the city prepares for another winter with the increase in the price of bills due to the huge increase in the price of wholesale gas, homeowners are being encouraged to insulate their homes and work. Take steps to save bills.

Fuel poverty is estimated in one in four Glasgow households, where more than 10% of income is spent on energy bills.

This means that people living in 72,000 homes in the city are in fuel poverty and about 88,000 are spending more than 20% of their income on heating bills.

This fund will be spent in the areas where there is the most deprivation. Council Tax Band AC and Tax Band D In some cases, fuel low-income households and poor households in the city and areas that are deprived of the investment programs of registered social landlords.

Kenny McLane, Neighborhood and Housing Convenor at Glasgow City Council, said: “Energy efficient Scotland Area-based schemes will allow landlords and private landowners to participate in fully-owned project areas, including both conventional and non-conventional housing by the council.

Energy efficient Scotland aims.

Sc Upgrade Scotland’s housing stock

tackling fuel poverty

reduce carbon emissions

Lever in energy company liability funding; And

economy Support local economy and sustainable local economic development.

Councilor McLane added: “As part of Glasgow’s Energy Efficient Scotland Area Based Projects, participants will have access to both Home Energy Scotland and our contracted energy advice service provider Social Enterprise Direct.

“Both organizations provide support to homeowners by giving them the opportunity to benefit from access to a range of additional services, including special energy advice provided to residents through a variety of communication methods, including home visits.” If you want. ”

The Scottish Government’s key goal is that by 2040, more than 5% of Scottish households will not be in fuel poverty and no more than 1% will be in extreme fuel poverty.

With interim targets for 2030 and 2035.

Achieving Glasgow’s goals will require lifting 58,000 households out of fuel poverty over the next 20 years, to reach the target of approximately 14,000 households.

Achieving the target of less than 3,000 will require it to lift about 5,000 fuels out of extreme poverty.

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