October 27, 2021

Large-scale free quaid tests may end up costing taxpayers dearly.

Free quaid tests can be dug up to save UK taxpayers billions of pounds.

Negotiations are reportedly underway in the government to abolish the universal lateral flu test and provide a free PCR test.

Free Cowed tests can be canceled because the Treasury tries to save money with cash.


Free Cowed tests can be canceled because the Treasury tries to save money with cash.Credit: Scholar

Although set to prevent universal testing, free tests will be available at places such as care homes, hospitals and schools.

The UK has done more tests than other countries, with some experts suggesting that this is why the rate of the virus is so high in the UK.

One said the test cost is 1p on income tax, and there are fears that taxes will increase if the scheme continues.

A White House source said. Daily Telegraph.It is agreed that global access is not sustainable or necessary given the high level of vaccination.

“Now we need to decide what the parameters should be to be able to access reasonably free tests.”

This comes after the government said yesterday that 127 more people had died in the 28 days since the test of the Covid 19 as of Friday, bringing the total number in the UK to 137,541.

Separate figures released by the Office for National Statistics show that 161,000 deaths have been registered in the UK, where Covid 19 was mentioned on death certificates.

As of 9am on Friday, there were a further 19,060 lab-confirmed cases in the UK, the government said.

For the 19th day in a row, more than 30,000 coed cases, 36,060 test positive and 127 more died.

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