September 20, 2021

Lancaster Crescent: East Kill Bride’s father is homeless after the Starbart crash.

A father became homeless after a lorry collided with his neighbour’s house and spoke of its devastation.

The man said he was “numb” by the East Kill Bride incident, which saw a heavy goods vehicle enter the property in the middle of the night while the children were asleep inside.

Onlookers recounted how the Lancaster Crescent family miraculously escaped, a neighbor allegedly helping the teen get out of a window and wearing pajamas down a flight of stairs.

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The property has since been demolished, but it is thought the neighbor will have to move in as well.

Glasgow Times:

Now the tenant of the house, who asked not to be named, has described how he and his children have been affected.

“I’ve been amazed ever since,” he said Lanarkshire Live..

“We’re devastated, we’ve lost our home and most of our belongings. My goal was to start a new job, which I can’t do now. It feels as bad as I think about it. ”

And a woman who lives in one of the other houses on the roof added to the website: “If my house collapses, I will be very upset. I will lose my memories of four years. The last of my old dog. The day was in the house and I have four other pets buried in the garden.

Glasgow Times: The Stubart lorry used in the incident was later found with debris that is still on the roof of the trailer. The Stubart lorry used in the incident was later found with debris that is still on the roof of its trailer.

“I’m lucky I was able to go in with my son and it’s just me and the dogs. Come down.”

Last week, Stubart, the firm whose car was used, said it was actively assisting in the police investigation.

A spokesman said: “Stobart is aware of an incident involving the driver of the Energy Agency and one of his vehicles. The company is actively assisting the police investigation.

A 33-year-old man has appeared in court in connection with the incident.

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