September 28, 2021

Lakers, LeBron James hit Chris Paul move, ready to give up three players

The Los Angeles Lakers are not in vain this summer and they want to add a third superstar piece to their LeBron James and Anthony Davis puzzle. The 17-time NBA champions have suffered a first-round defeat in the playoffs this season, and they want to make sure they are ready for the title attack next season.

It became clear that with injured Davis and a half-foot James, the Lakers needed more star power to carry the load if they wanted to win another title. As per Unbeaten Mark J. SpearsThe Los Angeles franchise wants to add veteran point guards as selectors alongside Chris Paul of the Phoenix Sons and Russell Westbrook of the Washington Wizards.

“LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers are looking for an experienced point guard, and Paul is on the list. Is a potential candidate. “Sign and trade agreement,” Spears wrote.

The Lakers have agreed to drop free agent point guard Dennis Schroeder, forward Kill Kozma and guard Tylen Horton Tucker as part of the deal to sign one of the future Hall of Fame. In addition, the only way to get rid of players is for Frank Vogel’s team to be able to afford one of the highest paid veterans.

Police, whose Sons lost Tuesday night in the NBA Finals to the Milwaukee Bucks, can choose from their 44 million deal with current employers (32 32 million). It is rumored that he will re-sign with the Suns to reach the final with the franchise in his first season, but the veteran point guard did not refuse when asked about his plans. Let their defeat end in the final.

Paul said, “We just lost a few minutes ago. You know what I mean? Now we’re going to act on it and find out. I think the rest is up to me.” Will keep

As the former president of basketball operations and five-time NBA champion Magic Johnson lost to Sons Box in Game 6 of the final, the pool band was quick to jump on the wagon. He thinks James should be on the phone with his best friend when he’s not making choices with the Suns since his last year.

“If Chris Paul withdraws from his contract with the Sun, his first call should be from his best friends, LeBron James and the Lakers,” Johnson wrote.

Chris Paul
Phoenix Suns defender Chris Paul wants to ignite his side after a three-game loss when they face hosts Milwaukee in three games in the NBA Finals on Wednesday.
Justin Caster Line / Getty Images North America

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