October 20, 2021

Labor claims West Dunbartonshire Council helpline ‘abandoned’ since 2017

According to Labor Councilors, more than 80,000 calls have been “abandoned” at the West Dunbartonshire Council’s helpdesk since the beginning of 2017.

By 2020 and August 2021, 19,590 and 7,411 calls were deserted, respectively, meaning that residents who could not complete their inquiries could not seek personal help due to epidemics.

A movement by Labor Councilor Martin Rooney to address people’s concerns and questions. Council Services, which may include council taxes, receivables and rent payments, were brought to the attention of all elected members last week.

It called for a new report to be drafted and presented to councilors to highlight how the local authority can improve its customer helpdesk function for the public.

The report will consider how the council can measure, record and improve the average time it takes to respond to a call, while considering what other options may be available to ensure this. The number of calls could be reduced in the coming years. Councilor Ronnie said: “Basically, the movement is all about recognizing the status quo of epidemics and abandoned calls by August 2021.

“We are seeking a report from the council that will provide options for improving the service for future years.

It can be really frustrating for the locals if they are calling, trying to catch the council but the call will have to be dropped.

“The total number of abandoned calls between 2017 and August 2021 was about 80,000 so this is actually a bigger problem than we imagined. It is important that we address this issue in order to provide the best services to our communities. Get together

Deputy Provost Councilor Karen Konaghan agreed that it is a good idea to see what is happening in the community, other ways of working and what is more beneficial to residents.

He said: “Just talking from experience. If you have limited time, you can give up when you call somewhere and then call later.” I’m not questioning the authenticity of people who Disappointed with the experience. There are others who fit them into their work life.

“Maybe there’s a way to motivate people who can use other types of technology.”

A report is expected before the next council meeting.

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