September 18, 2021

Knightbird drops out of ‘America’s Gate Talent’ as cancer takes ‘worst turn’

Knightbird, real name Jane Markzowski, has announced her exit from “America’s Gate Talent” so she can focus on her health in an emotional post on social media on Monday.

The singer started her post by talking about her wonderful experience in a TV show. “Sharing your heart with the world at AGT is an honor and a dream come true,” he said. He also admitted that because of this, his “outlook this summer has been amazing.”

“What a miracle that the pain I am going through can be transformed into a beauty that widens the eyes of people all over the world,” he wrote. Instagram.

The Zensville, Ohio, native then admitted that his decision to leave AGT was because his “health had taken a turn for the worse.” He has to focus on his health as he wrote, “The fight with cancer requires all my energy and attention.”

Knightbird added, “I am saddened to announce that I will not be able to move forward in this season of AGT. Life does not always give a break to those who deserve it – but we already knew. “

Regardless, he thanked those who supported and encouraged him. He also offered some encouraging words and remained positive when he closed his post, “Stay with me, I will get better soon. I am planning my future, not legacy. Beautiful defeat, but I still have dreams. “

Howie Mendel, one of the judges of the talent show, shared her best wishes and prayers for Nightbird on Twitter.

During her audition on June 8, she sang an original song, “It’s OK,” inspired by her battle with cancer. At the time, she told the judges that her cancer had spread to her lungs and spinal cord. And her liver, but she wanted everyone to know that she was “more than just bad things” happening to her. His performances won him the Golden Elder from Simon Cowell.

Knightbird told viewers on AGT after his audition that he had a “two percent chance of survival.” But being positive, he smiled and said, “It’s not zero percent. Two percent is something and I wish people knew how amazing it is.”

Night bird
Knightbird sang the original song “It’s OK” during his audition for “America’s Gate Talent” on June 8.
Gate Talent of America / NBC

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