September 23, 2021

Kirsten Stewart said only two words in the ‘Spencer’ trailer as Princess Diana.

Kirsten Stewart has been transformed into Princess Diana and the “Spencer” trailer has finally been released.

Stewart had already proved her mettle with the People’s Princess when her first look at the film was released in January this year. An important reason to wait for Diana’s fans. Trailer It was to be seen that the American actress has also perfected the style and tone of the late Shahi.

However, he said only two words in the preview, leaving much to be desired. “They don’t,” said the 31-year-old, after the Oscar-winning character Sally Hawkins said, “They (the press) know everything.”

Released on November 5, the film follows three days of Princess Diana’s life in 1991, in which she spends the Christmas holidays with the British royal family in Sandringham Estate and decides to end her tumultuous marriage to Prince Charles. Do . Its recently released trailer, which is only a minute long, began with members of the British royal family arriving in the state for their annual holiday celebrations and preparing staff meals and festivities. He then showed Stuart that Diana was struggling to maintain a happy face despite the difficulties in her marriage.

The film’s logline reads, “Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ wedding has been cold for a long time. Although rumors and divorce rumors abound, Queen Sandringham State is at peace for the Christmas festivities.”

“There’s food, shooting and hunting. Diana knows the game. But this year, things will be very different. Spencer has an idea of ​​what would have happened in those few lucky days.”

A few days after the release of the new promotional shot of the film, the trailer came with the title “Every fairy tale ends”. It showed the “Twilight” actress crawling on the floor in a white hair gown.

“Spencer is immersed in an emotional fantasy of who Diana was at a turning point in her life,” Stewart said of her role as the late British monarch under Pablo Lauren. It’s a frustrating experience for her to be back, because Diana is trying to figure out what Spencer means to her.

Kirsten Stewart
Kirsten Stewart Photo: AFP / Valerie McCann

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