October 18, 2021

Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson kisses on ‘SNL’

Kim Kardashian surprised the audience by hosting her “Saturday Night Live” on October 9, in which she and Pete Davidson kissed.

The reality TV star and comedian exchanged a lot during the sketch of “Aladdin” in which he played the role of Aladdin as the thief with Princess Jasmine. He also made fun of his past relationship with Skeet. But what was special was when they talked about “having sex”.

Aladdin shared his concern that Jasmine would break him because he could not physically handle her as he said, “You are too much a woman, and I am too weak because what I eat steals bread. Is.” Feeling inadequate, he then gave his lamp a vein to bring out Jenny, played by Boin Yang, and asked, “I want you to make me look like Pinocchio, but down there” and pointing to his crotch. What At the end of the sketch, Kardashian asks Davidson if he is going to kiss her, which he did.

The scene shocked the audience and they went on social media to share their reactions. One wrote, “In a million years I would never think I would see Kim Kardashian kissing Pete Davidson.” Another commented, “Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson just kissed in what dimension we are.”

Meanwhile, another asked if the kiss would cause anything serious on screen and he wrote, “You all think Kim Kardashian is going to start dating Pat Davidson after SNL?

Another user even complained that Kardashian and Davidson kissed perfectly and claimed that what they did was a “stage kiss” and that he only kissed her chin.

In addition to sketching “Aladdin”, Kardashian received praise for his inaugural mullah, in which he embellished his family and personal life. He talked about his infamous sex tape, joking that Chris Jenner’s boyfriend Corey was a “gold digger” and even touched his divorce from Kenny West. A source said. O! That rapper sat in the audience when he taped his monologue at NBC Studios.

Everyone in the family is said to be happy and proud of Kardashian because he worked so hard on the show. The reality TV star also considered hosting “SNL” “in a week she will never forget.”

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian attends the 2017 LACMA Art + Film Gala in honor of Mark Bradford and George Lucas at LACMA

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