October 27, 2021

Kevin Bridges joined the Glasgow comedy gig with his father.

KEVIN BRIDGES joined a special guest last night when they took to the stage in Glasgow.

The father of the famous comedian, Andy, attended his performances at the city’s stand-up comedy club when he got a mini-run of new shows.

Bridges said he was “over 17 years old” when his father took him to Glasgow for his first open mic spot and “it was good to bring him back.”

In a post posted on Instagram, the funny man said: “This guy brought me here for his first open mic spot after 17 years.

“It’s good that he was brought back to DuClub last night. We were here now … #DA #BigAndy”

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We previously reported that Bridges had promised fans more dates at the legendary comedy club.

The latest comedian shows in the city are thought to be testing new material for a possible tour.

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