September 22, 2021

Kenny West’s Divorce Revealed Behind Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kenny West due to irreparable differences, although the reason is that he cheated on her with several women.

A source claimed that the rapper had several misbehaviors that began in 2015 after his wife gave birth to the Senate. Everyone who works with him knows this because he confessed during his 2016 tour. They have kept quiet about it only because they want to protect its privacy. However, this is now public information, especially since the 44-year-old talked about cheating on Kardashian in his new “Donda” album.

“It was no secret to those who worked closely with you that he cheated after the birth of St. I was confessing to sleeping. ” told the sun.

“Even when he said he was grouping and went into crazy detail about his sex sessions, it was very graphic, his language was unrealistic. People who know him well are holding his head in their hands. Sitting and laughing nervously, while the staff members who had just joined the tour were stunned, “the insider added,” no one could believe what he was saying in front of everyone, so He seemed to be having an episode and he was crazy. “