September 19, 2021

Kenny West legally changed his name to Kim Kardashian

Kenny West resigns legally amid secession from the UK
Kenny West and Kim Kardashian / Photo file: Mirror.

After their ongoing divorce from Kim Kardashian, Kanye West is considering changing his name forever.

The rapper has requested that he change his name. According to documents obtained by Surgery UK, rapper Kenny Omari, 44, was born in the West, but entered official paperwork for a new name on August 24.

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Kanye has been told he wants to change his name for “personal reasons” and has not been seen giving any further details about his decision. No other details are available at this time, but it is interesting to note that Kane previously expressed interest in changing his name. In a 2018 tweet, he said, “Officially known as Kenny West. I’m you.”

Kani and Kim are currently separated and are seeking to finalize their divorce, which has been in the works since February. Despite the divorce, the couple still support each other after six years of marriage.

Kim has recently revealed that he is still a fan of Kanye’s music. The Kardashians star told her fans on Instagram Stories on Saturday that she was driving and listening to Kenny West’s next album Donda in her car.

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