September 18, 2021

Kenny West leaked Drake’s home address on Instagram after the online confrontation.

The feud between Kanye West and Drake is not over, as seen in a recent online confrontation. This time the situation went a little too far as the West shared its rival’s home address on Instagram, which they later deleted.

It was Drake who resumed the feud during his recent collaboration with Trappie Reid, in which he apparently called the West “burnt.” The Grammy-winning rap on the song “Cheating” released on Friday, “It’s all stupid, I’m stupid” which I barely know … forty-five, forty-six (burned), let it go … you change for me No, it’s based on rock. “

Social media users believe that “you” in the verse is actually a lesser nickname for the virgin, although it is ambiguous and could mean “you” or “she”. Another indication is that Drake is talking about Kanye in his lyrics, as the “Jesus King” rapper is also 44 years old.

A day after Drake’s apparent excavation, West visited him. Instagram An account for posting a shot of a group chat in which he said he had been “f *** ed” his whole life with Nerd A ** Jack N ***. The message read, “You will never recover. I promise you.” The 44-year-old also shared a photo of a map of Drake’s Toronto home location on Instagram, which he later deleted.

Drake appeared unaffected by the leak of his address on social media, and shared one instead. Clip Laughing in the driver’s seat from Toronto on Sunday evening.

It is not clear why the two are currently fighting in public, but according to a report. Different types.Some industry insiders and fans believe the reason is that West Drake’s album “Certified Lover Boy” has repeatedly delayed the release of his album “Donda” to disrupt sales.

Their rift first began in 2016 when Kanye made a fuss about the rapper on stage during a tour of his album “The Life of Pablo”, where Drake claims to have helped write some songs. According to a report, Kenny heard the song on Drake’s album “Scorpion” in which he confessed to being a young son, and leaked information to Drake’s rival cover to use on his own disc track. ۔ However, the rapper denied the allegations, saying in a statement that he had “more important information than just the details of Drake.”

Kenny and Drake later became embroiled in a controversy on Twitter in December 2018 over a request to sample one of Drake’s oldest songs in a bitter war of words, but the situation seemed to calm down until the quarrel resumed. Has gone

Kenny and Drake.
Kenny West and Drake announced a joint album at the 2016 OVO Festival in Toronto.
Ethan Miller / Pars Griffin / Getty Images

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