Kelvin’s Big Farming Adventure fans are all saying the same thing as Emmerdale star’s show reaches emotional finale

Fans of The Calvin Fletcher Farm Show took to Twitter to plead for a “second series” after it came to an end on Monday night.

In the episode “Kelvin’s Big Farm Adventure”, the Emmerdale star threw a party for the entire village around his new farm.


Kelvin was seen throwing a party for the village in the last episode.1 credit
Fans Were Sad To See The Series Come To An End And Begged For A Second Season.


Fans were sad to see the series come to an end and begged for a second season.1 credit

Kelvin, 38, his wife Liz and their two children Marnie and Milo moved to the farm during the first coronavirus lockdown after he retired from television.

The former soap opera actor was followed by BBC cameras during his first few months on the ground as he embarked on his new career.

In six episodes, Kelvin learned how to shear sheep, drive a car and a tractor, and tend the land on his farm near the Peak District.

However, on Monday night, the show ended abruptly when Kelvin and his family held a back garden party for the entire village.

He and Liz were seen making drinks and working with their neighbors to organize the party, which was attended by over 150 people.

Calvin and new friend Jilly, who runs a nearby farm, were seen hugging as she sobbed about their new close friendship.

Fans were sad to see the series come to an end and flocked to Twitter following the emotional episode in which the couple bonded.

“Kelvin’s Big Farming Adventure was a really comfortable viewing experience. I hope there will be another series,” wrote one fan.

The second intervened after the final: “Please let there be a second series. Such an amazing show brings a smile to my face every week.”

“Damn brilliant show, all the best to you, Liz and the kids. Please, another farming adventure,” agreed a third.

While a fourth concluded, “I wish it lasted an hour. Now I’m hoping for a second series.

Kelvin’s Big Farming Adventure is a huge hit with audiences.

Despite the show’s popularity, the BBC has yet to say if the series will return for a second season to follow the family’s other adventures.

In the first episode, viewers saw how the family tries to return the farm to its former working glory, despite the lack of farming experience.

Their no-nonsense neighbor Jilly was also on the show.

Before investing in their own livestock, viewers saw Calvin and Liz get some hands-on experience with Gilly’s herd of sheep.

The show was filmed at Kelvin’s farm on the outskirts of the Peak District.

Last week, audiences were horrified when Kelvin took one of the sheep he raised to be slaughtered before visiting a local butcher to see the results.

After being shown the meat on the carcass, Kelvin asked if he could buy some meat to take home and chose one of the legs.

He was then seen showing his five-year-old daughter Marnie the meat at home in the kitchen.

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