Katie Price strips down to her bikini and jumps into the sea despite being afraid of the water on Celebrity SAS Who Dares Wins.

Katie Price shared a video of herself jumping into the sea from a boat during her recent holiday in Thailand.

The 43-year-old looked like she was having a great time when she made a splash after stripping down to her bikini.

Katy made a splash during her holiday in Thailand

She Was Seen Jumping Into The Sea, Despite Her Earlier Fear Of Water.

She was seen jumping into the sea, despite her earlier fear of water.

Reposting a video taken by a friend to her Instagram story, Katie added, “Yes, I love jumping in the sea.”

The former glamor model previously displayed a fear of water when she competed in Celebrity SAS Who Dares Wins.

Reflecting on her time on the Channel 4 show, Cathy said: “I knew I was in trouble from the minute we arrived ‘out there somewhere’. I hate the cold, I have a fear of water.

“It was the scariest and most exciting thing I have ever done. It was like being in the jungle, only the military version of the SAS.”

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‘such a pig’

Katie Price shows off flaky skin on her face while demonstrating ‘pig’ breakfast

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Katie Price forced to return to community service after trip to Thailand

However, it seems that Kathy, a mother of five, got over her fear of being seen jumping into open water.

Earlier this month, Katie showed off the results of her “biggest” breast augmentation when she and fiancé Carl Woods soaked up the sun during a break.

Kathy, who now shares lewd snaps on OnlyFans, looked delighted with her new figure after flying to Bangkok for filming.

The operation marks Katy’s 14th breast augmentation.

In December, Katie had a liposuction, she had fat removed from her buttocks and had a breast lift at the BeClinic in Brussels.

She proudly showed off the scars she had from her 11th breast augmentation in 2020 – after her assets dwindled.

Speaking of the pain she feels every time she gets a breast, she told The Sun: “To be honest, if there is no pain, there is no gain. The price of beauty – sometimes you have to endure pain.

“Is it painful? The first surgery I had was uncomfortable.

“These boobs have been to America, England, Belgium, and now these are Turkish boobs. I just scaled them down.

“My old implants — I have them in my bag — were a thousand cubic centimeters, and, God, when I held them, they were very heavy.

“I think I have 795 so they are much smaller and they seem smaller. I’m so excited because I can finally wear clothes that don’t make me look fat.”

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Carl Woods “tried to break into the house after rowing with Katie Price”

Katy first went under the knife in 1998, having her breasts enlarged to 32 degrees.

Since then, she has spent a lot of time on the operating table – from a facelift, buttock lift, fillers and Botox.

Previously, She Showed Off The Results Of Her

Previously, she showed off the results of her “biggest” bust work at halftime.

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