September 17, 2021

Katie Price says she is ‘f *** ing broody’ and will use surrogates until she has eggs left.

Katie Price has spoken openly about her desire to have more children – acknowledging that she has no plans to stay.

The 43-year-old, who is already a mother of five, insisted: “I always live in evil and I will have more.”

Katie Price says she is always upset despite having five children.


Katie Price says she is always upset despite having five children.Credit: Instagram
Katie plans to use surrogate in the future.


Katie plans to use surrogate in the future.Credit: BBC

When asked if her sister Sufi had recently given birth to a son, Albert, she reinforced her dream, adding a new one! Magazine: “I can only do one because I had a caesarean section, so I’ll definitely use a sergeant as long as I don’t have eggs left.”

“I’ll just keep going.”

Katie has previously talked to her fianc Carl Woods about having children.

She is already the mother of Harvey, 19, Jr., 16, Princess, 14, Jet, eight and seven-year-old Bunny, with three former partners. Dwight York, Peter Andre and Karen Heller.

Katie’s sister Sophie and her partner Harry received their son Albert in late May.

At the time, Proud Aunt Katie told her followers: “Proud to be my sister oph Sophie_Pressie and Harry. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay in the hospital because of Cowade but I was with them in every way!

“I love you Sophie and Harry and my lovely nephew Albert – welcome to the world of parents and lack of sleep.”

Meanwhile, Katie recently revealed what kind of mother she is, saying she likes her children to be “savages”.

Talking to Simon Thomas on his podcast. Life, obstacle., Which was recorded in April, Katie began: “That’s why I don’t mind my kids being as wild as I can get them to the stable.

“When you raise them in the field, they literally have goats or horses.

“I remember when I was young I got stuck in the grass. I don’t know why but then they climbed on a pile of dirt.”

Katie's sister Sufi has recently become a mother.


Katie’s sister Sufi has recently become a mother.Credit: Instagram
Katie Price says she is happy to have ‘wild’ babies stuck in the mud.

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