September 21, 2021

Katie Price has promised that she will not let anyone destroy the new podcast again.

Katie Price has vowed never to let anyone “destroy” her again.

The former glamor model, 43, spoke to tele presenter Simon Thomas about her life for the latest episode of her podcast. Life, obstacle..

Katie Price is proud of her achievements and will not allow anyone. "Destroy it" Again


Katie Price is proud of her accomplishments and will not allow anyone to “destroy” her again.Credit: Rex

The star admitted to hosting Simon in April 2020 that she felt like she had been seen as a “villain” since her separation from her ex-husband Peter Andre.

Since then, she has worked hard to change public perceptions of herself, and one thing she is very proud of is her attempt to outlaw online abuse through Harvey’s Law.

After her 19-year-old son. Harvey Suffering from crappy comments online, she wanted to make a difference.

He told Simon: “You know, for the first time in 10 years, I’m in control of my life and love or hate me, if it weren’t for me. Creation could not begin. This is Harvey’s law, and I am to use my position to be able to help people and help others, especially with a disability like Harvey and more awareness. To create and do what I can now.

“I’m lucky to have turned my life around, I’m here, I’m on and I feel brand new, and no one will ever destroy me again.

“You know I’ve made mistakes in the past, of course I’ve made mistakes, but then people don’t realize I’m in pain at the same time. There are always reasons why people work and You rebel.

“I can only apologize that sometimes I acted like I was doing because I was in pain and I didn’t know how to leave it.”

He added: “I’m happy and I’m in a good place and no one will come close to destroying it again.”

The five-year-old mother also covered the difficulties she faced while raising her son Harvey, who suffers from ADHD, autism and septo optic dysplasia, which cause blindness.

The boy was born with Prader Willie Syndrome, a genetic condition that affects his body, appetite, behavior and learning development.

Katie reveals to Simon how “challenging” Harvey’s care has been.

“We’re going through a lot of obstacles, it’s day by day, I don’t think people will realize how difficult it is, you have to scream to get dressed,” he said.

“It’s just a constant fight,” she said before adding that she would not speak twice in support of him, “because Harvey is such a sweet boy that you can have a lot of fun with him.” “

The media personality also described how a complex person needs college to go to college. “It’s a different ball game” and she feels “tired” of the process but knows it’s “right for Harvey.” We have to find a place. “

But he is also worried about how his eldest son will settle into college later this year.

“Every night at the residence she rings and says, ‘Mom, I need you, I miss you, I hug you.’

“That’s why it’s getting difficult for me and him, because the colleges I choose are good or three hours away, because they’re the best for him. He needs it.” And he needs to be free. “

Earlier this month, The Sun revealed that Harvey had been accepted to his first-choice college, National Star – at a cost of 350 350,000 a year.

BBC documentary Harvey & Me. – which aired back in January – gave an insight into how much research the teen had to do in search of a residential college.

Katie shares Harvey with Dwight York.

She is also the mother of Jr., 16, and Princess, 13, whom she has with Peter, seven-year-old Bunny, and eight-year-old Jet, who is married to Karen Heller.

Katie with her eldest son Harvey, 19.


Katie with her eldest son Harvey, 19.Credit: Social Media – Refer to Source.
The mother of five is proud of her efforts to pass Harvey's law in Parliament.


The five-year-old mother is proud of her efforts to pass Harvey’s law in Parliament.Credit: Instagram
Katie Price lost after presenting Raw Steak in the Celebrity Master Chef semifinals.

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