September 28, 2021

Kate Middleton’s Zara Blazer is back and it’s better than ever.

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  • When Kate Middleton reached the Euro semi-finals in June, she showed her support for the England football team by wearing a beautiful red tweed blazer.

    It was later revealed that it was a huge high street search by Zara, which prompted him to sell it immediately (and of course double pop up on double eBay).

    Well if you remember, I have some great good news for you: Zara has brought Blazer back, a little different, but in my opinion a better, version.

    The new jacket is made of the exact same shade of red and is adorned with gold buttons.

    However, it does not have the lapel that the old one did, instead it has no collar and a beautiful round neck. It is also cut where the other was taller.

    If you prefer a more classic blazer style, Zara is very similar to Kate, but it’s a different fabric and the buttons are more silver (see below).

    You can imitate the style of the Duchess by wearing a white shirt and jeans, or for a dresser option, dress her in a sleek black midi dress.

    Happy shopping.

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