October 25, 2021

Kate Geraway was brutally trolled by a co-host on GMB’s outfit.

Kate Garaway’s dynamic outfit has been compared to a bag of cheetahs in today’s Good Morning Britain.

Entertainment editor Richard Arnold could not resist having a bit of fun in the sight of his fellow star’s brilliant Friday.

Kate Garaway was compared today to a bag of cheetahs.


Kate Garaway was compared today to a bag of cheetahs.Credit: ITV

Apologizing for distracting Thompson, he said: “Sorry, Kate threw me in the studio. She looks like a bag of cheetahs.

He laughed as he walked, while the surprised Pip said: “He’s very rude. Let’s now match Alex with the weather, which is a little rude.

Kate, wearing purple trousers and a blouse, took her in her arms and said she was trying to bring some happiness between the lack of an HGV driver and the closure of the petrol station.

He even joked that it was a major winter shock of discontent in the 1970s – widespread strikes threatened to bring the country to a standstill in 1978.

Viewers liked it though, and many asked where they could get it.

One wrote: “I like the colorful clothes of ateg kategarraway.”

Another posted: “I know kategarraway @GMB I know where your cute top is from?

A third said: “Like the MGMBkategarraway costume in this morning’s show! Where is it from?”

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