October 20, 2021

Kate Garvey’s husband Derek ‘still sleeps 20 hours a day’ as he gives a devastating update on his condition

KATE Garraway’s husband, Derek, still sleeps 20 hours a day after his coveted fight.

Giving a devastating update on his condition, the Good Morning UK presenter admitted that he only wakes up 28 hours a week.

Derek Draper with his wife, Kate Garaway.


Derek Draper with his wife, Kate Garaway.Credit: Rex

But she says doctors are optimistic about improvement – but warn that it will take time.

Kate, 54, said. Telegraph: “Everyone wants to know how Derek is doing, and I want to say: ‘He’s doing great!’ Because I want to make them happy. “

He added: “It was not easy.

“And although these are extraordinary little moments that keep you going, it’s not like something takes us every day.

“Doctors believe there will be a way, but it will be very slow. For example, Drake will still get 20 hours of sleep a day.”

The nurses caring for Derek work shift shifts so that he is never alone.

Kate says she now needs two people to wash her husband.

But for the better, Kate says Derek understands what’s going on but can’t communicate as much as before.

He watches TV and listens to music.

She adds: “We are now clear that he understands everything I say to him.

“So there are moments when you know he’s there, and he has a lot of memory.”

At the Sons Who Cares Winners Awards three weeks ago, Kate explained how nurses fought for Derek in their darkest hours.

Speaking backstage at our awards – hosted by the National Lottery – the passionate GMB presenter said he “fell in love” with her care when he was in a coma with Coved.

Kate Garaway wins the Sons Who Cares Awards.
Kate Garaway wins the Sons Who Cares Awards.

Derek, 53, is facing one of the longest fights since the virus was contracted in March 2020.

After awarding the best nurse award to mourning expert Jackie Brenton, Kate said: “Nurses have been exceptional throughout the epidemic.

“When Derek was coming out of his coma, there were nurses who were a big part of it.”

  • The Sun’s Who Cares Wins Awards is available to stream on all 4.
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