September 21, 2021

Kate Beckinsale says she’s related to Prince Harry, William’s grief over Princess Diana’s death

Kate Beckinsale said she sympathized with the childhood grief of brothers Prince Harry and Prince William over the death of her mother, who also lost her father at an early age.

The 47-year-old actress lost her father, actor Richard Beckinsale, when she was just five years old. Princess Diana died in a car accident when Prince Harry and Prince William were only 12 and 15 years old, respectively.

“I remember when his mother died, I was in New York, and it was sad to see him in other people’s contexts for someone he didn’t know … I thought, ‘ Oh my God, I really know what it feels like, like, ”Beckinsale told Dax Shepard about his Monday incident. Armchair Specialist Podcast

“It doesn’t matter your age,” he added. “When something catastrophic happens, it puts everything in a really sharp focus.” The “Underworld” star remembered how he seemed “quite a stranger” to making people sad about his father. “This is something that even the royalty experienced when hundreds of people mourned the late Princess of Wales,” he said.

“It was difficult at the very beginning because it felt like you were facing this very personal, terrible crisis. And these were all people, but you didn’t know them,” he explained.