Karen Taylor makes a decision about Mitch Baker as he leaves

EASTENDERS’ Karen Taylor will make a big decision about ex-boyfriend Mitch Baker when he leaves.

Mitch, played by actor Roger Griffiths in the BBC One series, will have a new love interest next month.


Mitch Baker will have a new love interest in March1 credit
Karen Taylor Soon Begins To Realize Her Feelings For Her Ex


Karen Taylor soon begins to realize her feelings for her ex1 credit

In the upcoming scenes, Mitch doesn’t notice that a new girl named Rita is flirting with him in a taxi.

Keegan and Bailey notice this, so the 12-year-old girl tells Rita that Mitch will meet her at Ruby’s, which he does, not knowing if it’s the right thing to do.
thing to be done.

Later that week, Mitch joins the rest of his family for drinks and sees that he looks happy.

However, as Mitch moves on, Karen soon comes to realize her feelings for her ex and gets a case about the green-eyed monster.

She is surprised how the news of his date has affected her and is left confused.

Does she still have feelings for Mitch? Will she confess and tell him?

The couple have been sharing a bed in recent weeks after Mitch struggled to find alternative and cheap accommodation.

Despite telling the kids that their relationship is purely platonic, Bailey hatches a plan to rekindle their spark as Karen (Lorraine Stanley) and Mitch (Roger Griffiths) argue about their sleeping situation.

After Bailey heard Karen complaining about Mitch’s smelly feet and Mitch moaning about her nighttime flatulence, the young girl thought she could solve the problems and ordered a foot odor spray and a large pair of pants to control flatulence.

But while Karen wasn’t the wiser, Bailey’s half-brother Keegan (Zach Morris) soon figured it out, and Mitch figured out his daughter’s plan.

A sympathetic Mitch took action by talking to Bailey and reminding her that she couldn’t make him and Karen fall in love again.

He also explained that there were other reasons the couple didn’t match, including Karen raking in all the blankets and his snoring.

However, Bailey tried to convince her father that he and Karen were destined to be together.

Karen and Mitch rekindled their romance multiple times, most recently in 2019, which eventually led to Mitch leaving.

But after all the drama, including the death of their daughter Chantelle, Karen and Mitch have become close friends.

Perhaps that’s why Karen had no problem giving Mitch a platonic spot in her bed.

Mitch was disappointed to be sent to the couch after the roof leaked in his bedroom.

Karen gave up when she found Mitch asleep in the laundromat after he tried to ask Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) and Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) if he could stay with them.

Can Mitch and Karen get back together?

Mick Decides To Leave With New Rita.


Mick decides to leave with new Rita.1 credit

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