October 18, 2021

Juventus are in the relegation zone and yet AC Milan are without a win after a late draw.

The Juventus are stuck in the Serie A relegation zone after Anti-Reebok nodded for the upcoming AC Milan.

The striker guided a header from a wide range of goals to cancel Alvaro Murata’s first-half goal.

Anti-Rebekah added the most to create equality at home for visitors.


Anti-Rebekah added the most to create equality at home for visitors.Credit: Reuters

Point sends Milan to second place in Serie A, just behind goal leaders and local rivals Inter.

But Joe is in 18th place without winning his first four matches.

The hosts took the lead just four minutes later through former Chelsea player Alvaro Murata.

Fighting from a corner, Palo Debala threw the ball to Morata to run from Mora Field and end up on Mike Magnan in Milan’s net.

The strike marked Spain’s third-place finish in just one week after a clash with Serie A rivals Napoli and Malmمو in the Champions League.

Joe could have scored more in the first half if it hadn’t been for Magnan, who blocked Murata’s second attempt before extending the Dibala strike.

Milan will make up for their missed chances as Rebekah Sandro found her header at the end of the Tonali Cross to insert into the net.

Despite Murata’s efforts, Joe’s lack of goals is clear since Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure from Manchester United.

This is despite claims by captain Giorgio Chiellini that Debala will emerge from the shadow of the Portuguese this season.

Milan lost to Simon Kajir in the first half, a few days after Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp praised Dean as a “hero” when he was run out at Anfield in the Champions League.

He was replaced by Pierre Calloway, who moved to the International Fukayou Tomori Center in England.

It is possible that the Milan squad is ready for some harsh words from Zlatan Umbramovich even after hiding the draw on Sunday.

That is if Tomori’s words were anything to go by earlier this week, when he revealed that the famous striker had beaten his teammates in soccer and golf games as well.

Watch the moment Ibrahimovic ‘Usain bolts’ and scores with lace after closing the shoe to make a run.

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