Judges ‘Amazed’ by Larne School’s Response to Pupils’ Plight in Croatia

Lynn Elementary School received an interactive display thanks to the success of Cool Stories run by global education technology company Promethean.

Hazel Richie, an elementary school teacher at Lynn Elementary School, said: “We are thrilled to be the winners of the Cool Stories competition. We are confident that the Promethean ActivPanel will enhance our lesson plans and greatly improve the learning experience for children.”

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This year the focus of the competition was “celebrating positivity in education”. Schools across the UK were asked to film a two-minute video illustrating a unique aspect of their class that they are proud of.

Teacher Hazel Richie (left) with two of her five elementary school students and principal Andrea Duff.

Hazel quickly began working alongside the students on writing, filming, and editing their introductory video. The finished product focused on the valuable partnership between Linn PS and a school in Finland, who teamed up to support a Croatian school that was the victim of a devastating earthquake during the pandemic.

Enthusiastic, innovative, and imaginative participants were invited by guest judges Alex Bramley, National Teaching Gold Award winner, and Andrew Merden of the National Educational Technology Association.

The Lynn Elementary School introductory video impressed the judges with its sincerity and poignancy, emphasizing the importance of human connection and support for children around the world who need it most. For their fantastic work, the school received a £3,000 Educational Technology Prize.

Reflecting on the win, Hazel added, “Thank you so much, Promethean, for choosing our school as the proud owner of an ActivPanel. It’s a great way to start the year and appreciate the hard work of the kids.”

Lynn Elementary School students work at an interactive display.

Representing Promethean on the jury, Jim Wallis, Head of UKI Market, commented: “We would like to congratulate Linn Primary School for their fantastic performance in the Classroom Stories competition. Promethean is always happy to celebrate the positive in education and this is a great example of how creativity and ambition should be rewarded in the classroom.

“We can’t wait to see how Linn Elementary School interacts with its ActivPanel this school year and beyond.”

Now that the ActivPanel display is installed, Linn PS students will have a wide range of digital learning options. In addition to the ability to write on the screen, the resource comes preloaded with powerful applications such as an instant whiteboard, a counter and a timer. Teachers can also encourage students to share content from their devices, helping to create a collaborative environment.



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