Josh Warrington invites Wayne Rooney for a ring ride

JOSH WARRINGTON likes the idea of ​​Wayne Rooney leading him into a fight.

But he joked that his fellow Leeds fans would never allow him to walk around the ring with a Manchester United icon.


An avid Leeds fan, Warrington is open to Manchester United icon Rooney leading him into the ring despite the two clubs’ fierce rivalry.Credit: Unknown, clearly with photo table.
But Warrington Joked That This Could Not Happen In Leeds, As The Natives Of This Region Would Be Unhappy.


But Warrington joked that this could not happen in Leeds, as the natives of this region would be unhappy.1 credit

The Leeds native Warrington is open to Manchester United legend Rooney leading him into the ring.

Former IBF featherweight champion Warrington and Derby boss Rooney struck up a friendship in October after playing at the Liverpool Arena, thanks to their shared love of boxing and rugby league.

But the fierce rivalry between Elland Road and Old Trafford fans means England legend Roux will unfortunately never be truly welcome on the M62.

Ahead of Saturday’s rematch with reigning 9th IBF champion Kiko Martinez at the First Direct Arena in Leeds, Warrington chuckled, “I met Wayne at the show and we had a picture.

“I got several messages from Leeds fans asking what I was doing messing around with a scammer!

“But he is a real boxer and he came up to me and started talking about Leeds Rhinos, he is also a real rugby league fan.

“We were both returning to the same hotel and he said he wanted to take a walk with me. I thought, “Damn it, it’s all right then.”

“Because I still look at him as a great England player, but always a sharpie.


“I supported his name during the World Championships and Euros.

“However, taking me to the ring is already too much!

“He will always be welcome at the ring, but you have to be from Leeds to take me to the ring. All the people I have worked with in the past knew what it was like to be in Leeds.

Wayne is a true legend, don’t get me wrong for a second. However, if I fight in Leeds, I don’t think he can get me out!”

Warrington remains one of the most down to earth stars in British sports.

In November, he was barbecued for himself and wife Natasha when Martinez shook up the division by knocking out his old Sheffield nemesis Kid Galahad.

The 31-year-old father of two never brags about his internet fame and fortune, instead preferring to share snaps of himself and his heavyweight father and trainer Sean.

This working class style is probably what keeps Warrington in vogue with some of the world’s stars.

He said: “Wayne has achieved so much when he showed respect for what I did, it was really nice.

“We’ve kept in touch with multiple posts, it seems like we like the same things.

“Sometimes it’s a little crazy when I see some people who like my stuff on Instagram.

“But I still look at myself like any guy off the street.”

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