October 27, 2021

Joseph’s capsule collection is at least a dream come true.

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  • Stuck in the wardrobe of the new season? Well don’t sweat it out, because the Joseph Foundations collection has just relaunched and it has everything you could possibly need for a beautiful, classic and timeless look.

    It has all the classic features of your wardrobe, re-imagined for the new season: white shirt, cashmere knitting, classic coat and best fitting pants, all these are easily entering into your everyday wardrobe.

    Buy a collection of Joseph Foundations.

    The pieces, which start at just 95, come in a classic color palette of black, navy and ivory, and are made from luxurious fabrics, including leather, stretch gabardine, silk satin, cashmere, pure cotton and lightweight cashier. ۔

    As the capsule name suggests, they are the ultimate basis for your shape. You can combine them together and match them with your current look.

    To relaunch the collection, ‘Fitz has been expertly evaluated, shapes have been updated, and each piece has been evaluated to ensure a casual wardrobe’, which means you have a piece of home. Take with you what you will wear after the season, a very durable option to buy in the trends that you will finish in a few months.

    These excellent investment pieces are now available to buy online and in stores.

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