October 18, 2021

Johnson “will ruin Christmas again,” says Starmer

Fuel Crisis: Starmer Says Johnson Will
Fuel crisis: Starmer says Johnson will “ruin Christmas again”

Labor leader Sir Kerr Starmer has warned that Boris Johnson’s failure to address the growing fuel crisis could ruin Christmas for the second year in a row.

The opposition leader believes that the shortage of truck drivers, estimated at about 1,000,000 corpses on the road, could affect other sectors of the economy in the near future, adding to the chaos among citizens. There is a possibility of distant births.

Starmer called on the government to launch Operation Escalane, which would allow the immediate deployment of troops to refuel supply stations across the country. He also advocated for an extension of opening hours to allow NHS shift workers and other essential workers to get fuel for their vehicles.

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Starmer advocated for an emergency meeting between ministers, employers, businesses, transport unions and trainers to discuss issues related to pay, conditions, training, licensing and labor shortages.

Surgery UK The Leader of the Opposition also suggested that Parliament be recalled so that an immediate new visa status for overseas truck drivers could be adopted.

It is understood that the offer of a three-month temporary visa for 5,000 foreign drivers cannot be enforced without a change in immigration law, which can only happen with the House of Commons. However, MPs will not meet again in Westminster until October 18, which means that the overseas driver will not be able to resume work until November.

“We’re going to see the issue of driver shortages coming back to different areas,” Starmer said. And I don’t want the people of this country to be ruined by this Prime Minister’s lack of planning for Christmas.

“With the government’s own entry, their scheme will continue for weeks with the first HGV drivers not coming on the roads until November. It’s just not that good.

“Every day wasted is prolonging the crisis. The government has been talking about issuing visas but has not done anything yet. Meanwhile, our essential workers are struggling to get to work and families are facing a crisis of inflation. Is facing

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“The prime minister must take emergency action today, but he has failed to understand the gravity of the crisis. If he needs legislation, let us immediately remind parliament of these emergency measures.”

He added: “The prime minister promised to save Christmas last year and we all know it was a catastrophic mistake. Now he is making the same empty promises again.

“Boris Johnson was warned about the crisis and did nothing about it. He had the opportunity to make a plan but it was ignored. The prime minister needs to be caught.

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