October 17, 2021

Johnson denounced Britain as a “charming example” of the crisis

HGV Driver: Johnson Crisis Britain
HGV Driver: Johnson condemned the “charming example” of the UK crisis.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday rejected claims that only 27 foreign truck drivers had accepted the UK’s temporary visa offer, saying the government had issued 127 visas out of 300 aimed at foreign workers. To enter the UK on a short-term basis..

Answer to a question on accurate statistics, previously published. Times On Monday night, Johnson called him a “charming example” of the crisis.

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The prime minister also said that the few names provided by the road transport industry were the result of a “global shortage” of drivers.

In another interview this morning, Johnson dismissed claims that Britain was in crisis as a result of labor shortages or that it was experiencing 1970s-style inflation.

Johnson told BBC Radio 4, “I think, on the contrary, what you are seeing with the UK economy; And that’s what’s happening. ” Today Program during the third day of the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester.

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Reacting to the prime minister’s claims, Labour’s Annecy Dodds said Johnson was “so out of touch that he could not see the crisis when he was staring him in the face.”

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