John Barrowman provokes a furious reaction when he DEFENDS the “flash” on Good Morning Britain.

JOHN Barrowman drew furious reactions on social media after he showed up to DEFEND his lewd “night tricks” on set.

The former Doctor Who star, who was born in Glasgow but now lives in America, denied allegations of sexual harassment after allegations were made last year.


Barrowman gave an interview to GMB this morning.
Barrowman Lashes Out At 'Cancellation Culture' During Interview


Barrowman lashes out at ‘cancellation culture’ during interview

The actor was accused of flickering in front of the actors of the Doctor Who series and its spin-off Torchwood.

While a 2015 video surfaced in which Noel Clarke claims that Barrowman would expose himself “every five seconds”, it was also said that he exposed himself in 2008 during a Radio 1 interview discussing his lewd pranks .

Barrowman showed up on GMB this morning and host Richard Madeley asked him about the allegations.

And the star lashed out at the so-called “cancellation culture” as he admitted he wouldn’t do some of the “stupid things” he was used to.

The actor said that “times are different” when he was interviewed about the upcoming tour.

Barrowman said: “I think the public understands that this was tomfoolery, a joke and stupidity, and not sexual harassment.

“You say it was my trick at the party, but everyone who was there, on set and part of the fun, enjoyed and laughed at the stupidity going on, we had a great time.”

The former Torchwood star took aim at “cancellation culture” when he answered Madeley’s questions on GMB saying it “went too far”.

He said: “They tried to take my career away for 35 years, during which I worked very hard, had a lot of fun and was very open with all the stupid things that happened.

“All these stories are nothing new, they have been around for many years, and I wrote about them in my autobiography.

“Stop raising hyenas that try to strip meat from bones until there is nothing left.

“Look, I’m done with it and moved on and I think everyone else has moved on and the cancellation culture has gone too far.”

The interview sparked a strong reaction on social media.

Users have taken to Twitter to lash out at the star, who was fired as a judge on Dancing on Ice after the allegations surfaced.

John Barrowman undresses in Las Vegas after being excluded from Dancing on Ice

One of them said, “John Barrowman trying to gloss over a sex crime is frankly disturbing.”

While another said: “It’s not John Barrowman who blames cancellation culture. Everyone else is to blame but him.”

And another wrote: “Oh my gosh, Barrowman. Exposing yourself to people is not ‘fun’, you’re an absolute clown.”

But some fans were quick to defend the star.

One said online: “People should let it go now, John Barrowman apologized and said it’s inappropriate.”

The Sun reported on Sunday that there were allegations last year that he exposed himself on the set of the BBC series Doctor Who and spin-off show Torchwood.

Stories of his sleazy behavior surfaced in May when his co-star Noel Clarke was allegedly sexually harassed and molested a number of women.

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