September 22, 2021

Joe Biden’s safety visit to Glasgow Hospital before his visit to COP26.

Top US government officials landed. Scotland President Joe Biden prepares for COP26 visit to Glasgow tomorrow.

A Boeing C-40 clipper jet was spotted at Edinburgh Airport as part of a US Air Force VIP fleet used by national leaders for world travel, according to Scottish Sun.

The jet arrived with a visit by security chiefs to Glasgow Hospital to plan any medical treatment a 78-year-old man may need during a UN climate summit in November.

The newspaper reported that the security team caused a stir among the hospital staff as they were given a tour of the complex.

A source said. the sun“It was amazing to see all the Americans walking around wearing headsets and microphones, knowing that they would be in charge of keeping the president safe during his visit.”

“They were making sure that the hospital would be suitable for the purpose if Mr Biden had to undergo emergency procedures.

He was shown the floor plan to indicate where he would be if he was operating and which rooms would be suitable for his delegation and security team.

“They wanted to make sure they were within a certain amount of meters at all times.”

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An NHS spokesman declined to comment on the visit.

However, sources told The Sun that US security experts have followed the same procedure to inspect the hospital’s facilities.

Edinburgh Airport has not released any details about the arrival of the jet, which was previously used by the vice president.

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