September 18, 2021

Jessica Mulroney apparently casts a shadow over Meghan Markle in a secret post.

Jessica Mulroney sparked rumors of her feud with Meghan Markle in a deleted social media post, in which she talked about friends who have “distanced themselves”.

I Instagram After the post, the 41-year-old Canadian became upset while talking about mental illness and considered the loss of her career and the loss of her friends. “I have talked about mental illness for many years and spent my whole life as a full-time worker, but I never thought I would have to undergo severe treatment this year,” he wrote.

Mulroney was then seen referring to last year’s row with lifestyle blogger Sasha Exeter, in which the latter accused him of using “white privilege” and being racist. The controversy damaged his professional life. Canadian TV network CTV has released all episodes of its reality TV series “I Do, Redo”.