September 20, 2021

Jennifer Lopez looks like Glam Barbie in this half-up hairstyle.

I have been wearing my hair for many years. Half up. My hair style at school, it somehow passed through my youth, never to return. And while the classic look has never really gone away, I certainly haven’t seen it on other people as much as ponytails and loose, completely down style. It’s as if we’ve forgotten the lucky ones who are half hair. But sometimes, it takes us just a small moment – or a big superstar – to remind us of our favorite, lesser, more globally flattering beauty.

Monday, August 23 Jennifer Lopez A few pictures were posted on her grid in which – to give a jolt – she looks absolutely beautiful. She is wearing shiny, neutral make-up with shiny, bare lips and prominent cheeks, a beautiful wine-colored manicure, and the cutest highlighter yellow, ribbed dress. The only thing that really catches the eye, however, is Lopez’s hairstyle.

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Its long, honey-shining, straight but full hair is mostly down, with a very tip-top layer – which starts well over its temples – though not very firmly. The slender ponytail is neither high nor low, and when viewed from the side, it is slightly raised horizontally.

As is often the case, Chris Appleton is credited with the style he calls “Glam Barbie Vibe.” But such a half-look works much better than a fancy get-up. I’m already planning to wear it for a less important date and zoom meeting.

Want more JLo Half Up Inspo? Although she doesn’t usually wear her hair that way, she recreated her famous “Low Don’t Cost A Thing” half-up hairstyle earlier this year, proving just how versatile it is. This should be a really big trend.

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