September 22, 2021

Jean-Marie Le Pen, a French far-right veteran, has been charged with anti-Semitism.


Jean-Marie Le Pen, the 93-year-old founder of France’s main right-wing party, is due to stand trial on Wednesday on charges of inciting racial hatred through comments targeting Jewish pop singer and actor Patrick Bruel.

Jane Marie Le Pen already has a sentence for hate speech., For provocative statements about Jews, Muslims, black people and immigrants.

The latest lawsuit began with a 2014 video on the party’s website in which Le Pen criticized artists who condemned his extremist stance, including Madonna and French tennis star singer Yankee Noah. Were

Asked about French singer and actor Patrick Bruel.“I’m not surprised. Listen, next time we’ll sell a whole oven!”

The satire also ignited anger at his party leaders. Le Pen’s daughter, Marine Le Pen, who is now president of the far-right organization, criticized him, calling it a “political mistake.”

Jane Marie claimed that the comments did not contain anti-Semitic views “except for my political enemies or insults”.

Comments ‘out of context’

Le Pen does not intend to appear in person at the trial in Paris, where he is accused of inciting anti-Semitic hatred.

His lawyer said the case was based on a single sentence that had been taken out of context. Frederick Joachim., Who will try to dismiss the charge.

The lawsuit, which opens this week, has been delayed for several years, with Le Pen claiming immunity from prosecution as MEP, a seat he won in 1984 and will remain in place until 2019.

But fellow lawmakers stripped him of his legal protection in 2016.

Lee Pan, his daughter and others from the party have now been named National Rally. He also faces charges of financial corruption. Allegedly using EU funds to pay the salaries of party members not affiliated with the European Parliament.

Investigators allege that senior members of the right-wing group used 6.8 million euros in public funds for party work in France.


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