October 18, 2021

Jason DeRolo broke up with his 4-month-old baby mama, Gina Froomes.

Jason Derulo
Jason DeRolo announces his separation from Gina Froomes.

Jason DeRolo announced his separation from the baby’s mother Gina Fromes on Twitter on Thursday, September 23. The R&B singer said he “decided to separate” but focused on raising his 4-month-old Don Jason King.

Jason Derulo
Jason DeRolo and Gina Froomes announce their breakup.

Jason said in a tweet, “She’s an amazing mom but we think being separated at this point will allow us to be the best version of ourselves and the best parents.” “Please respect our privacy at this time.”

The couple’s relationship took a dramatic turn, as Gina paid tribute to Jason’s birthday the other day.

“You’re the most beautiful, hardworking, talented, stupid, loving person ever,” the creator of Tik Tok said in a deleted Instagram post. “You really make me perfect and I am so grateful for the love we share. You and our semen have made me the happiest girl in the world and I can’t wait to make memories with you guys.

Jason Derulo
Jason Derulo is separated from his baby mama, Gina Fromes.

Gina, who has not yet publicly resolved the breakup, continued, “I know I’m a hard cookie but you softened me and made me accept who I am and what I’m up to. Always be grateful. Happy another year! I love you so much, forever. “

Jason DeRolo met Gina at the gym before the COVID-19 epidemic. It was during the lockdown that the now-splitting duo attracted a large number of fans on Tik Tak with their respective comedy videos and comedy stunts.

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In addition to gathering a fan base, Jason and Gina announced the new life they were expecting in March. Their 4-month-old Jason King was born in May and appears regularly on the social media pages of both stars.

Jason Derulo
Jason and Gina separated four months after their baby was born.

In July, Gina shared an update on her parents’ experience on Instagram. “The baby is now two months old. He is the best and most smiling cheerful baby ever and likes to spend time outside. We love him very much.”

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