October 25, 2021

Japan’s parliament has voted Fumio Kashida as its new prime minister.


Japan’s parliament on Monday voted Fumio Kashida as the country’s next prime minister, with a new leader expected to announce a cabinet that includes both holders and fresh faces.

The soft tone of a Hiroshima political family کشیدا۔ The ruling Liberal Democratic Party won last week, defeating popular vaccine chief Taro Kono.

He easily won a vote in the lower house of parliament on Monday, where the LDP’s ruling coalition has an overwhelming majority, with 124 votes to 314 for opposition leader Yukio Adano.

“This chamber nominates Mr. Fumio Kashida as prime minister,” Tadamori Oshima, speaker of the lower house, said after the vote.

The upper house will also vote, but the lower house will dominate. The Upper House also passed it shortly after.

Kashida bowed to his fellow lawmakers after the vote, but did not speak immediately. Earlier, he told reporters that he was ready for a higher job.

“I think it will be a new beginning in the true sense of the word,” he said.

“I want to face the challenges with a strong determination and a strong commitment to the future.”

Kashida is widely regarded as a safe haven, ordering the support of his own faction within the LDP and is not expected to significantly deviate from current government policies.

He was elected after former Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda. سوگا, WHO He tendered his resignation on Monday morning.Announced that he would not run for the LDP leadership after just one year in office.

Cashida will soon unveil his new cabinet, but details in local media say he will put several ministers in key positions.

According to local media, both Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motigi and Defense Minister Nobuo Keshi will retain their jobs.

Motigi is a Harvard-educated political veteran who has taken the lead in negotiating key trade deals, while Cashi is the brother of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. آبے.

The finance portfolio will go to Shunichi Suzuki, who is replacing his brother-in-law Taro Aso.

Suzuki, 68, is the son of a veteran politician and former prime minister. He has previously served in the government as both Olympic Minister and Environment Minister.

Epidemic recovery, elections ahead.

The cabinet will reportedly include three women, including his one-time rival for leadership, Seiko Noda, who will be the minister in charge of the address. JapanDecreased birth rate

Women will also hold the posts of vaccine minister and digital minister, with several cabinet members appointed to their first ministerial post.

Junichi Makino, chief economist at SMBC Nico Securities, wrote in a note:

“It’s the kind of cabinet formation that reflects the tension, which works to keep the enemy at bay.”

It faces a number of challenges, ranging from trying to recover from an epidemic to coping with military threats from North Korea and China.

He will also lead the LDP in the general election, which should be held by November.

Local media reported Monday that Kishida is now expected to vote on October 31, a few weeks earlier.

The ruling party and its allies are widely expected to retain power, but the government’s response to the corona virus could lead to the loss of some seats with unhappy people.

Suga’s government saw its approval rating drop as it struggled to cope with waves of infection, including a record increase in the summer virus during the Olympics.

The Kashida-led campaign emphasized its plans to correct government misconceptions about epidemics, including pledging to launch a new economic stimulus.

Japan has been under virus emergency measures for most of the year, with sanctions finally being lifted last week as new infections subsided.

About 60 percent of the population has now been vaccinated, but there are fears that the country’s health system could easily be overwhelmed by a new virus.



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