September 22, 2021

Japan detects more modern vaccine contamination.

Local governments said two Japanese regions suspended the use of some modern Coved 19 shots after seeing more cases of contamination on Sunday.

The move comes a day after the Japanese Ministry of Health was investigating the deaths of two men who received food from other tainted modern batches – although the cause of death is unknown.

The southern Japanese province of Okinawa has said it has suspended the use of modern shots at a large vaccination center in the city of Naha, while Ginma Prefecture, north of Tokyo, has said it has stopped using contaminated sites.

“We are suspending the use of the Modern Covid 19 vaccine because some of it contained foreign substances,” Okinawa officials said in a statement.

“We continue to use modern lots that are not affected by this incident,” a Gunma official told AFP.

Pollution in Okinawa and Ginma came after the suspension of 1.63 million doses in Japan on Thursday, followed by the deaths of two men, aged 30 and 38, in August after a second non-modern diet.

The food was taken from one of three batches suspended by the government on Thursday.

Modern vaccines.
Japan suspends use of some batches of Moderna’s Covid 19 vaccine because of contamination Photo: AFP / Behrouz Mehri

Japan’s health ministry, however, said it was investigating the cause of death and did not know if there was a cause with the vaccine.

“At this time, we have no evidence that these deaths were caused by the Moderna Covid 19 vaccine, and a regular investigation is needed to determine if there is a link.” A joint statement on Saturday

The nature of the particles found in the vials, which were developed by a modern European contractor, is not yet known.

“The vials have been sent to a qualified lab for analysis and preliminary results will be available early next week,” Moderina and Tekda said.

The contractor, Spanish pharmaceutical firm ROVI, said in a statement on Thursday that it was investigating the cause of the contamination and that food was distributed only in Japan.

He added that the problem may have started on one of its manufacturing lines.

About 44% of Japan’s population has been fully vaccinated, as the country struggles with a record increase in cases of the corona virus, which runs the highly contagious delta type.

More than 19 to 15,800 people have died in Japan, and large parts of the country are under strict virus control.

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