September 21, 2021

Japan celebrates gold rush on Tokyo Olympics victory day

A Japanese skateboarder claims a piece of Olympic history as the host nation enjoyed a gold rush at the Tokyo Games on Sunday, while France beat the US men’s basketball team for the first time since Athens 2004.

One of the many new sports being introduced in Tokyo to attract younger fans, the grip has won 18 gold medals, including aspects of skateboarding.

In a well-scripted final, Japanese world champion Yoto Harigom saw Strike Gold.

Simon Byles
American gymnast Simon Byle trains at the Tokyo Olympics Photo: AFP / Luke Venus

The 22-year-old stone-thrower from the Olympic venue named American favorite Neja Huston, who took three big steps in a row, in seventh place.

“It’s special because it was held in the city of Koto, where I was born,” Harigom said.

Harigom’s victory Japan won one of the four gold medals it won on Sunday, placing the host nation second in the medal table behind China.

In this hall, brother and sister Ota and Hafumi Abe were both involved in winning Olympic titles within an hour of each other.

Brazil’s Atilo Ferreira waves during a training session at Sosigasaki Surfing Beach. Photo: Poole / Olivier Maureen

Ota Abe was the first to win a gold medal in the women’s under-52kg category, defeating Amandine Bouchard of France.

He then rejoiced when his older brother Hifomi gave Georgian judoka Vaza Marguellashvili the strength to compete in the 66kg under-gold medal.

Earlier, sealed swimmer Yi Ohashi gave birth to Japan’s gold medal in a morning action session at the pool.

Name Osaka
Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka picks up Olympic torch Photo: AFP / Jeff Pachad

Ohashi defeated Hungary’s defending champion Katanka Hosszo to win the women’s 400 individual medal.

“I believe in myself. I didn’t think about winning gold,” Oshi said.

For the first time since the 2004 Athens Games, the USA men’s basketball team lost at the Olympics, while 11-time NBA All-Star Kevin Dorant led France to an 83-76 victory over France.

In a disturbing situation, Durant was given only 10 points, which shows that the Americans are fighting in their hands to retain their title.

Japan’s Yui Ohashi, who last won a silver medal at the 2017 World Championships, is ahead of American duo Emma Went and Holly Flinger 4: 32.08: Photo: AFP / Odd Anderson

NBA’s Ivan Fournier scored the most runs for France with 28 points and piled up the game late with a three-point limit, to stop the team’s 10-point deficit to surprise the Americans. can go.

Ahmed Hafnaui, a young Tunisian, won the men’s 400m freestyle, taking the biggest swim of the day by surprise.

Simon Byles
American gymnast Simon Byles has not lost a ubiquitous competition since 2013. The eight-year-old magician, who has won 19 world championship titles and four Olympic gold medals, is in the picture: Photo: AFP / Luke Venus

The 18-year-old had only qualified for the eighth fastest for the final but he broke a catastrophic delay to win in 3 minutes 43.36 seconds, beating Australian Jack McLaughlin.

“I just can’t believe it, it’s amazing,” Hafnaui said. “I felt better in the water this morning than yesterday and that’s it. Now I’m an Olympic champion.”

This was Tunisia’s third ever gold in Tunisia.

Other swimming medals were split between the United States and Australia, with Chase Collies winning the 400m medal and Australia winning the gold medal in the women’s 4x100m freestyle relay at a world record of 3: 29.69.

Leaving the pool late Sunday, Australian world number one Ashley Barty fell in the first round of the women’s tennis singles. The incumbent Wimbledon champion lost to Spain’s Sarah Sorbes Tormo 6-4, 6-3.

Austrian mathematician Anna Kazen Hoffer claims an astonishing victory in the women’s cycling road race, which Dutch veteran animator van Vallen erroneously achieved by crossing the line by mistake.

Van Whelan was unaware of the fact that Casein Hoffer had broken away from the platoon to take the gold.

“Of course I’m nervous about it,” Van Bulletin said. “At first I felt really stupid, but then the rest (his partner) didn’t even know who won.”

On Sunday, a century-long wait to see surfing at the Olympics ended at Susigasaki Surfing Beach.

It ended efforts to include surfing in the more than 100-year-old Olympic program.

In the meantime, the Cowboys-19’s eye-catching pursuit at the Olympics, the men’s golf tournament was defeated by two high-profile withdrawals.

World number one Jun Raheem was ruled out after returning from a positive test – his second coup in two months – 19 was positive – while Burson de Chimbio also saw his Olympic hopes end with a positive case.

In gymnastics, American superstar and defending champion Simon Byles showed a rusty performance in qualifying, with several unethical mistakes on a nearby empty field.

After a steady landing on the vault, Byles turned his eyes away and his performance director, Tom Forster, nodded in disbelief after ending Beam’s routine.

“Simon took three big steps to dismiss Beam, I’ve never seen him do that before.”

“It’s not the final, it’s entering the final, it could be a big awakening for us,” he said.

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