September 23, 2021

Jane McDonald’s The Light in Tour at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

Whenever there is a disco ball hanging on the stage, you know you are in for a good show.

And last night, that’s exactly what happened to the people at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

‘Queen of Cruise’ Jane McDonald’s returns to the city in support of her latest album, The Light, which was released just last week.

The 58-year-old singer last traveled to Glasgow in July 2019 for a concert at the same venue. She was going to do her new show last year, Corona virus Global epidemic.

As showtime approached, a glowing sequence filled the room as the concert goers took their seats. The audience consisted mainly of older spectators, and at 21 years of age, I think I was the youngest in attendance.

After intense stress, Jane went to him. Stage Whitney with the roaring cover of Houston’s Queen of the Night. “I’ve got the stuff you want, I’ve got what you need,” he said quietly.

Satisfied with Jane McDonald Starr’s first words off the mic? “Wow. Oh my God. Wonderful.”

Glasgow Times:

The title track of his new release was ahead, followed by a surprise song with the audience. “I belong to Glasgow, dear old Glasgow city,” Part Scott began.

After a few verses from the Wilfie Classic, Where’s Donald? Maybe it will be better welcomed on the East Coast?

The former loose woman gathered the crowd once again, asking in her bold Yorkshire accent, “Will we have a good night or what?”

Affected by the country, you don’t know what you found. You were written about the missing live performances during the lockdown, followed by the fans’ favorite The Hand That Leads Me.

The track, written for Jane’s mother, who died in 2018, is now Jane’s fianc ای Eddie Roth, a former Likud Gold and The Sorchers drummer, who died in March after battling lung cancer. کرگئی۔

Cruise Ship singer’s live band, Jim Pitch IV’s percussionist and singer, joined Jane for the first couple of nights. “You can’t get a bus ticket between my back cheeks right now,” he said after hitting Lady Gaga’s high note in a rock balloon shell.

The next door on the set list was the front door with the message to close the news – which I think most of us have wanted to do in one place or another in the last 18 months.

Glasgow Times:

Dance in the streets was encouraged as the singer starred in one of the most successful films of the American disco funk band Chuck, including I Coming Out, VR Family, Le Freak, I Want Your Love, Get Lucky and everyone else. Includes a dance.

One of the real highlights of the evening was the spectacular tribute to Kayla Blake from the star, who stood in the first half of the show as she touched your world.

Always one for the straight medley, Jane opened the other half with a collection of Rip’s most-liked tracks, in which I found someone, if I could find Time, Gypsies, Trumps and Thieves, The Shop Shop song, strong coffee and believe. .

Her second night outfit, a bright red dress, forces the singer to say, “I feel like Roop Paul in it”, a comment clearly impressed with the young drag race fans in the crowd. Happened

Jim Pitch Fourth once again came on stage for the Eyes in Your Eyes – a pair of Jane’s breakup with former manager Henrik Brexon – but returned to the duty to fight for the orders of doctors running the country. ۔

I won’t lose. Jane saw the lines in the first verse of the song. “It’s to prove he’s alive,” laughed Yorkshire girl Mike. Fun and interest can revive you and me in the crowd, then slowly the winner of the song goes to the encore of the night, another standing ovation from the audience.

Glasgow Times:

Wearing a silver second dress and a coat of feathers, the Wakefield singer returned to the stage for her ankle, beginning with the back-to-back Queen track that always wants to live and the powerful show on.

Moving You Still Lead Me – written as a reminder for his late mother during the lockdown, before partner Eddie’s death – was performed by a seemingly emotional gene. The crowd applauded and expressed their support, most of them on their feet.

It was the end of a high energy that turned the night into a party, and the night ended at a real height. The revelers shouted disco and pop hits in the corridors as the singer gave her the final number, presenting the show as a real diva. Fashion.

After a heartfelt thank you to the crowd throughout the night, the star’s thanks once again shone when he was welcomed by his beloved Glasgow audience for another deserving stand.

After leaving the stage, live bands and baking singers performed a major version of Dance Yourself Daisy – a popular song, often sung by Jane. It was a bitter and fitting tribute to her agonizing lover Ed, who reached number two on the charts in 1980 with the Liquid Gold Track.

It’s only clear from last night’s show that Jane McDonald’s is just a cruise act or more. Television Personality That’s a real joy – with raw talent through bucket loads.

In addition to her unusual voice and comedic temperament, what makes Jane most special is that she lives forever underground, as a working class, northern girl.

So, if you are looking for a show that offers a night of inspiring sound, sharp wit and sheer fun – a night with Jane McDonald might be the ticket for you.

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