September 21, 2021

James Robb: The rapist claims he fell on a woman in Renfrew.

A man has claimed that he was helping an unconscious woman who is accused of raping her in a hotel room.

James Robb allegedly attacked the then-24-year-old on May 14, 2019 at the Normandy Hotel in Renfrew, Renfrewshire.

The 22-year-old girl told the judges that she helped the woman with her pants after she got up from a “backward” state.

Rob also said he fell on top of the woman and may have touched her vagina.

Robert of Aberdeen is on trial in Glasgow High Court on a charge of rape.

Prosecutors say Rob committed the act when she was intoxicated and unable to consent or stop.

The court heard from Rob, who testified that he and two others put the woman in a wheelchair and took her to their room.

Rob claimed he was left alone with the woman who “tried to undress herself.”

Prosecutor Ian Smith said: “Even though she was out and one of the other women had left the room, she not only woke up to find herself down but also agreed that you should help her. ”

Rob replied, “Yes.” Before she could say that, the woman went out again.

He said the woman pulled his pants down and took off his underwear.

Mr Smith asked if Rob had taken them off and he said: “He took them off. I helped take them off as well as his pants.

Glasgow Times: Normandy Hotel.Normandy Hotel

Mr Smith said: “The evidence we have heard is that she was unconscious when she was with you in the room.”

Rob replied: Yes.

Mr Smith said: “Your position is that she was able to wake up and agree that you should take off your pants and trousers.”

“She got up to take off her pants and trousers,” Rob said.

Rob confirmed Mr. Smith’s suggestion that he fall on the woman.

He added: “I lost my footing trying to lift it and I used both hands to strengthen myself.

“I fell on his chest in front of his body.”

Rob said he placed one hand “on his side and the other under his leg.”

It was suggested that Rob had stated that he could touch the woman on her “private part.”

“I don’t know what I could touch,” Rob said.

The woman’s father entered the room and placed her in front of the door, Rob said.

Mr Smith told Rob that he had changed his position in three police interviews on whether he had touched the woman.

Rob said: “I never joined the police and was never interviewed.

This was the first time I was kept in a cell and asked about the charges that I did not make.

“As much as I was being questioned, I couldn’t think straight.”

Rob denied Mr. Smith’s suggestion that his claims were “fabricated.”

Mr Smith later said: “The DNA you had was found in your vagina. Do you accept that?”
Rob replied: Yes.

Mr Smith said: “The other scientific evidence is that his DNA was found in bushes taken from your penis.”

Rob replied: “I heard it.”

Mr Smith asked: “You explained the effects of his DNA on your penis by having sex with him.”

Rob replied: “I didn’t.”

Defending, Sarah Livingstone said the witness who presented the DNA evidence “could not possibly say” if it came from direct contact with the woman.

He added: “The witness could not say that the DNA inside came from your penis, finger or foreign object.”

Miss Livingstone also cited evidence from another hotel guest who claimed to have seen the woman running out of the room shortly before her father arrived.

Rob first told Miss Livingstone that the allegations had affected her work and social life.

“I was trying to help someone and that’s what happens,” he said.

The case is being heard by Judge Sean Murphy.

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