September 20, 2021

Jaime Kirk on her new role in Sex Education Season 3

جمیمہ کرک۔ With the arrival of its star, the new earth broke. Lena DunhamDefinition of time Girls, Playing with a reckless attitude to match New York’s strongest hipster. But to take on the role of the new head teacher, Hope. Sex educationMoral High is a moment, even for an experienced actor like Jemima, with such a prominent role already on his CV.

The 36-year-old tells me through Zoom, “It’s f ** king comedy and the season I’ve seen so far is really extraordinary.” “There’s never really a slow moment. There’s no boring story.” Season 3 further grounds, dealing with everything from penis length to non-binary identification.

At the heart of it all is the hope of Jumeirah, a former student who returns to Mordell to transform her wild reputation into a ‘pillar of excellence’. But as Jemima reveals, while Hope systematically tries to calm the student’s individuality, she may not be the headmistress with the iron fist.

Here, British-born Jaime talks about the new girl’s nerves, the experiences she had in her youth, and why she wants to see her two children, Raphael and 9-year-old Memphis. Sex education When they are teenagers

Sex education Season three is incredible – did you get the new girl, the nerves of the first day?

The first day was a bit complicated for me, but they are always like this when I shoot something. It’s like moving into a new home – you’re just getting your bearings! Before you start working, everything is just an idea, a character, all the notes you have taken and then you have to act on it. Normally, you’re shooting randomly so all I do is write down everything that happened verbatim, so I can go back to the list and see what happened before that time. That’s when we’re going to shoot. So, the first day sh * t!

Sex education It has ignited a lot of game-changing conversations. Which topics, which cover the show, would have helped you grow the most?

Of [sexual] The experience in the show would have been very free for me. What I hope for my children – and why I let them see as teenagers – is that what you do sexually as a teenager doesn’t necessarily explain it to you. Experience is our sexual right. I remember my first kiss was with a teenage girl. I remember thinking that it meant I was gay and then I was completely confused about it. I don’t think I have to label anything if I see a show that fixes it and normalizes the experiments, which I think is very important so you don’t have to decide when you’re a teenager. As long as you don’t believe it, that’s fine, but we’re not all.

Being a teenager is like living in a pressure cooker. What do you think is the pressure on you?

Definitely the pressure to cool down and watch. I didn’t necessarily want to be a wall flower, in case I slipped through the cracks and didn’t see it. But you don’t want to be too different from everyone else. So it’s an impossible balance between what you’re talking about, the topics of conversation, the ideas you’re trying to play and you don’t really know what you’re talking about! I wish I knew how to be more of myself, who hear and see me everywhere with parents and adults saying, ‘Be yourself!’ I’m like, ‘What is this? I dont know!’…

I remember when everyone found out I had kissed a girl, and then I accused – accused, the key word here was – to be gay. It was an accusation in the 90’s, where I went to school. I hope we are moving in a direction where there are no more allegations, but that is a neutrality. I hope everyone can experiment with each other, and not be told what they are and what they are not.

What are some of the turning points you can make?

Well, I think, working normally. It’s not something I started to go out for, and it’s something I used to be afraid of. Before any of this started, I was a painter and I was adamant in all my interviews that I was not an actor. I am an artist. But also, acting has allowed me to see myself and my aspects, really pulled them off or elevated them and there were things I didn’t know were there. Some acting moments have made a turning point in my life.

As an actor, people constantly try to put you in boxes. Which boxes have you tried to break, or move on?

I’m constantly pushing the typecast – as many people as there are – secretly soft admission as a tough girl. That’s what I get because of the character. Girls. People often think that this is what you can do, or that you do it well, so they put you in this box. That’s why it was especially refreshing to be asked to play a very different role, but that’s the box I’ve struggled with.

What did getting out of this box and playing hope teach you?

Every role I play teaches me something about humanity. Hope is especially true of someone who has a really thick wall against which he really stands – which I am saying, I feel – resembles him. Girls. It has got this tough exterior, very controlling, organized and aggressive exterior. What Sex education It does great with its characters. Does it peel off someone’s layers, you see we’ve got their personality, and then we’ve got something that’s under the personality. As you will see later, it is not exactly what it seems. Everyone gets to tell a story, and everyone gets a reason to be who they are.

One of the topics. Sex education It dealt well with how much control is still exercised over women’s bodies. How have you seen this conversation in your own life?

For some reason, people think I’m very selfish and Trust With my body [because] I am going to talk But I want to say that this is really wrong. I’m as insecure as anyone else and maybe even more so, because I’m in a bit of a light. So I love, as pleasant as it can get and the ‘slogan’ as it can sometimes get,Self love Movement. “It simply came to our notice then. Bubble bath, Which is not. How you look or present, being very important and valuable is starting to disappear and I am trying to get on this train, because it still matters to me. It does matter to everyone, but it does mean that you love less what you have for yourself.

The journey of self-love is one of the most difficult for us, isn’t it?

It’s something as a parent – I think it’s a new wave and a new era of parenting techniques – how can we overcome self-hatred, self-doubt and self-hatred – because Everyone has it, look around us. I heard people say all the time, ‘My mother did this. See how I came out. “I’m like, ‘Yeah, that’s why we’re trying to change parents, because everyone has a critic in their head who keeps them from spending their whole lives.’ I am ready to try any technique to help my children not to give voice.

Can You Practice Loving Yourself Now and Become Your Ally?

no not yet. I still need me Friend To remind me, he always says, ‘Talk to yourself like you’re your own daughter. Will you talk to your daughter the way you would talk to yourself? “It’s ridiculous how we think we don’t deserve as much favor as our children do. No, I’m not there yet. I am trying.

Sex Education Season 3 will be released on Netflix on September 17.

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