Jack Wilshere survives NIGHTMARE’s Danish debut as Aarhus’ bow is tainted by a spotlight failure and a loss to Vejle minnow.

JACK WILSHER eventually came off the bench to try and ignite Danish football.

But not before the 10-minute spotlight threatened to nullify his long-awaited return.


Jack Wilshere made his debut for Aarhus on Friday night.1 credit
The Former Gunners Midfielder Stepped Off The Bench After A Shock Defeat.


The former Gunners midfielder stepped off the bench after a shock defeat.Credit: Environmental Protection Agency

However, the system, expecting the biggest new name in Danish football, was in for a much bigger shock after rock bottom Vejle ruined Wilshere’s debut party with his performance. 100th minute winner.

Vejle striker Muhamadou Dramme scored six minutes before the end of a wild night that eclipsed everyone as the hosts won only the third time in 19 attempts this season.

Talk about late Drumm!

Wilshere’s first exposure to Danish football turned into something of a farce after spending his entire career in glamorous stadiums from Camp Nou to New York.

Low Vejle, started the nightly bottom of the Danish Super League with 12 teams and became the favourite, but you think anyone could make sure they had enough Krone on hand to feed the counter.

Wilshere was patiently waiting for his big moment – 284 days after his last appearance for Bournemouth – when the lights went out 90 seconds into the second half and referee Jakob Sandberg ordered both teams back indoors.

After a 10-minute absence, they reappeared when Wilshere pulled a bandage over his nose to protect himself from the extreme cold, or perhaps to hide what he really wanted to say about the untimely mess.


It’s safe to say that the modest 10,200-seat Vejle Stadium was as far from the Emirates as Wilshere could get.

Though when the lights went out, it was hard to tell.

As Aarhus’ larger-than-usual tourist support chanted “Shit, Veile, shit, shit Veile,” Wilshere looked utterly stunned by the new world he was about to enter.

Then, when the clock was exactly 89 minutes and 50 seconds, the former gunner burst out to the roar of traveling Aarhus fans – for SIXTEEN MINUTES stopped time.

Even Sir Alex Ferguson failed to achieve this during Wilshere’s heyday at Arsenal.

However, it must be said that he definitely looked like a Spurcy – in a retro kit in the style of Hummel Tottenham from the late 80s, early 90s.

The sight of former Grand Gunner Wilshere in a white shirt, navy shorts and socks may have been enough to make even the most hardened Arsenal fans feel a little nauseous.

But it was not easy for the 34-time England midfielder to make it into the Danish Super League.

Vejle seemed just as elated as their Aarhus rivals to have a Premier League superstar among them.

And they stunned even their small group of fans by coming from behind twice and earning a rare win as the Wilshere effect seemed to bring out the best in Vile.

Wilshere had to wait three minutes for his first touch, but it was perfect when he pulled off a perfect pass with his left foot and Frederik Brandhof fired wide.

He then had to jump into the air to avoid being hit by Veile’s pink-haired striker Allan Souza.

However, despite the loss, he showed his class by exchanging jerseys with the enthusiastic Viele skipper Denis Kolinger…..after 106 crazy minutes.

On the other hand, maybe Jack didn’t like the Spurs moment.

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