September 21, 2021

Jack Paul vs. Tyrone Woodley scorecards revealed as YouTube remained unbeaten after a controversial split decision.

Jack Paul labeled Judge Tyrone Woodley’s decision to win as ‘Bell ***’.

YouTube won its fourth professional boxing bout early Monday morning following a split decision.

Two judges gave the fight to Jack Paul, but Phil Rogers backed Tyrone Woodley.


Two judges gave the fight to Jack Paul, but Phil Rogers backed Tyrone Woodley.

After opening three rounds of a KG, the contest erupted into life in the fourth when Woodley finally became aggressive.

But at the end of the eight rounds, things came down again.

This was a new area for Paul that was covered for the first time.

And when it came to the judges’ scores, he won the division.

Two gave it to Problem Child – one 77-75, one 78-74 – while the other went to Woodley 77-75.

But when asked if Woodley was approved by one of the judges, Paul said: “One hundred percent. These were bulls. *** Come on.

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“I don’t know what they were looking at.

“Especially in my hometown, where is that judge?”

The official scorecard revealed that it was Phil Rogers who supported Woodley with the last five rounds.

All three judges gave Paul two rounds of opening and Woodley fourth.

But Jimmy Garua gave Paul five out of eight, while Dana de Paolo gave Woodley only three and four rounds.

Former UFC champion Woodley was outraged by the result – and demanded a rematch.

“The fact that a judge gave me two rounds is ridiculous,” he said.

“I think I won the war. I think Jack is a great opponent.

“That’s why I’m in big shape.


“No insult, but it’s ***. [Tommy] Anger fight, Jack and I need to get it back.

“Above all, I want a match again. No one will sell salaries like we did. Fight the rage.” [ain’t gonna do that]. “

“I think if it was the second highest salary, the second round would be bigger.”

More to follow …

Jack Paul tells people in the house not to blink while he knocks Tyrone Woodley out.

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