September 23, 2021

Jack Paul vs. Tyrone Woodley Live Streaming: Paul escapes great fear to win the fight over split decision


Jack Paul agrees to match Tyrone Woodley again – but only if the former UFC champion adheres to his tattoo condition.

Before the pair fought, they shook hands with the loser, with the winner’s name tattooed.

Paul later won by splitting into eight rounds, but Woodley argued he deserved to win and demanded a rematch.

And he was told it was his – as long as he kept his word and ‘I love Jack Paul’ signed it.

Paul, 24, said: “If you get a tattoo, I love Jack Paul. Let’s get him back.”

Woodley, 39, replied: “Bet. let’s go.”

Paul added: “Get a tattoo and we’ll run it back. We’ve got a tattoo artist here, so you’re not going anywhere.

Wipe off the sweat and shave this leg, because I like to put Jack Paul on your leg and we can run it back.

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