September 17, 2021

Jack Paul scored his biggest win as a pro boxer, splitting former UFC champion Taron Woodley after overcoming KOK fears.

Jack Paul won his biggest win as a professional boxer by defeating Tyrone Woodley – but he had to overcome one or two.

The YouTube-based prize fighter went on to win eight rounds of points against Woodley, the UFC champion just three years ago.

Jack Paul defeated Tyrone Woodley by points.


Jack Paul defeated Tyrone Woodley by points.
YouTube won the battle with the decision to split.


YouTube won the battle with the decision to split.
Jack Paul was taken in all eight rounds.


Jack Paul was taken in all eight rounds.Credit: Showtime Boxing.

Cruiserweight sometimes lacked intensity and quality, but he was in control.

Paul was criticized for not facing stiff competition, showing a smart range for overcoming distances, overcoming distances and staying calm.

But Woodley was guilty of letting the fight go too far, not so quickly.

After the fight was over, the judges gave a separate verdict, with Paul declaring the winner at his home in Cleveland, Ohio.

He said: “I’ve been boxing for 18 months now. I haven’t been to the dentist, I’ve barely cut my hair in the last two years.

“My teeth are crooked, my nose is crooked. I have devoted the last 18 months to it.

“I didn’t stop, I think I need to rest for a second and I can know who I am. I’m only 24, I’m changing, I’m growing, I’m a lot. Learning

“I’m going through ups and downs and I’m making mistakes. I’m going through ups and downs. But I keep my head straight and we’ll see.”

The opening bell saw Woodley, 39, come out of the corner and enter with a large overhand, which was easily telegraphed.

Paul, 24, soon enforced the wings and used a smart job, even taking down a combination of three punches to stop a KG opener.

In another, the social media sensation massively boxed on the back foot behind the back, in which Woodley threatened, but did not attack.

The hesitation of the former UFC welterweight let go of his hands. Paul took control, even scrolling down his head and body before the bell rang.

Woodley found a big right-handed home to open the third round, which led to three punches in his path.

Jack Paul led 4-0 in his career.


Jack Paul led 4-0 in his career.
Tyrone Woodley was not immediately needed throughout the fight.


Tyrone Woodley was not immediately needed throughout the fight.Credit: Showtime Boxing.

Paul then scored with the right upper cut, the most eye-catching shot of the fight to date.

Going into the fourth and becoming a role model, Woodley shook Paul and brought the fight to life.

A big right hand at the top, and a left hook hit the famous boxer for the first time in his boxing career and sent him to the ropes.

Woodley then decided to point to the crowd as Paul was able to appear in the ring for the first time and overcome difficulties.

Picked up the fifth round where the last left closed, as Woodley took off the right upper cut, then the back hand came in the middle.

Paul finished the round but it was clear that the tide was threatening to turn.

The two fighters seemed to slow down by the sixth, so Paul let go of his hands but nothing came down.

He was still feeling seventh but managed to control the distance with a smart job while Woodley positioned and fanned but did not throw.

Jack Paul had to overcome fear during the fight.


Jack Paul had to overcome fear during the fight.Credit: Showtime Boxing.
Tyrone Woodley loses his boxing start.


Tyrone Woodley loses his boxing start.Credit: Showtime Boxing.

Paul finished the round with his right hand so that he could put himself on top again.

And he did a great job watching the final round by circling the ring and staying out of the distance to take the fight to the cards.

Following the announcement of the split decision, both men were considered, Woodley aggressively demanded a rematch.

He said: “I think if it was the second highest salary, the second round would be bigger.

“I think I’ve won the fight. I think Jack is a great opponent. That’s why I’m in great shape.

“The fact that a judge gave me two rounds is worth laughing at. No insult, but f *** that fight of anger, me and Jack need to drive it back.”

Both fighters bet that the loser would later have the winner’s name tattooed on them.

And Paul, who moved 4-0, insisted that if Woodley went with him, it would be a rematch.

He replied: “Get a tattoo and we’ll run it back. We’ve got a tattoo artist here, so you’re not going anywhere.

Wipe off the sweat and shave this leg, because I like to put Jack Paul on your leg and we can run it back.

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