September 22, 2021

Jack Paul indicated that he would not take on Tommy Fury’s fight and “relax for the other and find out who I am.”

Jack Paul has hinted that he could take a break from boxing and stop Tommy Fury about ‘who he is’.

YouTuber defeated Tyrone Woodley in a split decision in Ohio, and Bert Fury called for a fight with The Bomb after defeating Anthony Taylor on the undercard.

Jack Paul hinted he could take a break from boxing after beating Tyrone Woodley.


Jack Paul hinted he could take a break from boxing after beating Tyrone Woodley.Credit: Getty Images – Getty
British fighter Tommy Fury called YouTuber but it looks like Tyson's brother may be missing.


British fighter Tommy Fury called YouTuber but it looks like Tyson’s brother may be missing.Credit: Getty Images – Getty

But the 24-year-old is about to knock his ‘boxing career’ on the head before it really starts.

Speaking after the match, Paul was asked what was next and said: “Really, we’ll see. I’ve been boxing for 18 months.

“I did not go to the dentist, I have barely cut my hair in the last two years.

“My teeth are crooked, my nose is crooked. I’ve devoted the last 18 months to it. I haven’t stopped.”

“I feel like I need to rest for a second and find out who I am. I’m only 24, I’m changing, I’m growing, I’m learning a lot.

“I’m going through ups and downs and I’m making mistakes. But I keep my head straight and we’ll see.”

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Despite Paul’s reluctance to return to the ring, Woodley demanded a match again, saying he had won the fight.

The judges scored 77-75, 79-74, 75-77 in favor of Paul.

And the former MMA star blasted: “I think if it were the second highest pay per view, the second round would be bigger.

“I think I’ve won the fight. I think Jack is a great opponent. That’s why I’m in great shape.

“The fact that a judge gave me two rounds is ridiculous. No insult, but f ** k that fight of anger, me and Jack need to run it back.”

And after the first hint that he would move away from the ring, the hot-headed Paul thought he had changed his mind when he retaliated.

He replied: “If you get a tattoo, I love Jack Paul, let’s run it back.”

Woodley replied: “Bet. Come on.”

Paul added: “Get a tattoo and we’ll run it back. We’ve got a tattoo artist here, so you’re not going anywhere.

Wipe off the sweat and shave this leg, because I like to put Jack Paul on your leg and we can run it back.

In preparation for the fight, the pair bet and the loser had to get the name of the winning fighter tattooed on their body.

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Jack Paul tells people in the house not to blink while he knocks Tyrone Woodley out.

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