September 21, 2021

Jack Paul claims to have earned 100 100 million from Tyrone Woodley fights after defeating a former UFC star in a boxing bout

Jack Paul has reportedly claimed to have earned 72 72 million (100 100 million) from his boxing duel with former UFC fighter Tyrone Woodley.

The YouTube star sealed a stunning victory on points after eight rounds of slug fest with martial arts, which won the UFC Championship three years ago.

Jack Paul believes he is close to becoming a billionaire after a clash with Tyrone Woodley.


Jack Paul believes he is close to becoming a billionaire after a clash with Tyrone Woodley.

And the mirror. Reports The social media star patted himself on the back to increase his bank balance after his victory.

In a post for his 17 million followers on the platform, Paul allegedly wrote: “When you get close to 10% becoming a billionaire.”

Despite the claims, however, the scuffle was the second highest-selling salary of the year after his brother Logan’s fight with Floyd Mayweather, with reports suggesting Paul could take less than nine figures.

And thinks. The YouTube presenter could earn about 4 1.4 million (2 2 million) from the collision, including his salary per view.

However, the boxing-obsessed social media star has reportedly invested in the sports industry venture capital business, which could be the basis for raising his earnings.

And Paul has been lobbying for boxers to make more money during his time in the sport.

YouTube said. Showtime game: “A lot of young fighters get caught up in long fight deals with promoters and then they become a star and the promoters take all their money.

“I want to help solve this problem. I think we need to attack it in a number of ways.

“First of all, we need sports to be more popular. More fans, more audiences that will naturally add more revenue to the board.

Paul, 24, who has reintroduced himself as a prize fighter, has been challenged by UFC hero Michael Bisping in a future professional boxing match.

And the MMA legend believes that competing with the popular YouTube star in the ring will be the ‘easiest fight session’.

Paul took a combination of three punches at Woodley in the opening round of the competition in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

And YouTuber was on the verge of receiving some powerful right-handed jobs from its former UFC welterweight rival in the third round.

This was followed by a second phase of testing in which the social media star was sometimes seen on the back foot.

Paul then linked the fight to the UFC specialist with his right hand before landing on Woodley’s upper right.


And that punching blow saw Vlogger fight in the ropes.

Both fighters looked tired from the sixth round when Paul raised his hand from the top to end the round.

And after the announcement of the split decision, YouTuber was declared the winner, its fourth pro boxing win so far.

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Jack Paul says if Tyrone Woodley gets his ‘I love Jack Paul’ tattoo done quickly, he can talk about the match again.

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