September 18, 2021

Jack Paul and Tyrone Woodley’s fight purses appeared with YouTuber earning like former UFC champions

Jack Paul and Tyrone Woodley’s wallet for their boxing match has been revealed.

YouTuber shut down boxer Paul with the former UFC welterweight champion on Monday in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.

Jack Paul and Tyrone Woodley threw in Cleveland, Ohio last weekend.


Jack Paul and Tyrone Woodley threw in Cleveland, Ohio last weekend.Credit: Getty
And the couple received a پر 1,453,610 guaranteed wallet.


And the couple received a پر 1,453,610 guaranteed wallet.Credit: Getty

And the social media star made a lot of money for his narrow victory over The Chosen One.

According to the Ohio State Athletic Commission, Paul’s guaranteed purse for his fourth professional boxing match was a cool 1,453,610.

Woodley, 39, received the same purse for his pro boxing debut.

However, the couple’s total wallets will be significantly higher than the figures revealed.

Both men have not yet received a pay-per-purchase deduction, which will significantly increase their wallets.

Paul vs. Woodley Purse.

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Jack Paul: 45 1,453,610 (2 million)
Tyrone Woodley.: 1,453,610 (2 million)

Amanda Serrano: £ 55,000 ($ 75,000)
Yamileth Mercado: , 24,700 ($ 34 thousand)

Daniel Dubos: , 72,700 (100k)
جو کوسمانو۔: 80,000 (111k)

Love montana: 43,600 ($ 60,000)
Ivan Baranchek:, 43,600 (60 thousand)

Tommy Rage: ، 10,900 ($ 15,000)
Anthony Taylor: 29,060 (40K)

Charles Conwell: ($ 80 thousand) £ 58,130.
Juan Rubio: ($ 20k) £ 14,530.

Jack and I need to get him back. “

Tyrone Woodley.

Paul and Woodley could be set for another big paycheck when they agreed to run back their eight-rounder moments after the fight.

An angry Woodley said: “I think if it was the second highest salary, the second round would be bigger.

“I think I’ve won the fight. I think Jack is a great opponent. That’s why I’m in great shape.

“The fact that a judge gave me two rounds is ridiculous.

“No insult, but f ** k. [Tommy] A fight of rage, Jack and I need to get him back. “

Jack Paul's boxing 'hit list'


Jack Paul’s boxing ‘hit list’

Paul replied: “Get a tattoo and we’ll run it back.

“We’ve got a tattoo artist here, so you’re not going anywhere.

Wipe off the sweat and shave that leg, because I love the ‘Jack Paul’ on your leg and we can run it back. “

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Jack Paul vs. Tyrone Woodley – Goal to Go.

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