October 25, 2021

Jack Finchum casts a brave face as he insists on ‘changing things’ after lamenting Dani Dyer’s split

Jack Fincham put on a brave face when he admitted that ‘things are changing’ – regretting his separation from Dani Dyer just a few days later.

The reality star posted a picture of himself smiling on Instagram after the revelation that he was “selfish” in his relationship with the actress.

Jack Finchum put on a brave face after his recent entry.


Jack Finchum put on a brave face after his recent entry.

The reality star expressed his regret over the separation from Dani Dyer.

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The reality star expressed his regret over the separation from Dani Dyer.

“Things change, friends leave, but life does not stop for anyone,” he wrote in the caption.

Jack won Leo Island with Dani in 2018, but the pair separated the following year.

He told The Podcast, The Steven Sly Study: “I’m sorry about a lot of things with Dani.

“She’s beautiful, she was beautiful.”

Jack added: “So, if I could get my hands on time, I’d be less selfish and start paying attention to other people’s feelings.

“Because it’s going to be in my head, ‘I’m not doing anything wrong, I’m going out, I’m going out. What’s the matter with you?’

“But really, they want to spend time with you.

“It’s great that someone wants to spend time with you, and now I’m myself …”

An excerpt from their interview was posted on Tik Tak and the couple’s fans moved to comment to advise Jack and Dani to come back together.

“Dani should give Jack another chance,” wrote one fan.

Another added: “It was the wrong time for Dani and Jack, he clearly remembers it.”

And a third commented: “The number of boys who understand when it’s too late.”

But it may be too late for Jack and Dani when it is revealed that they are dating West Ham’s Jarrod Bowen.

The 18-million-pound West Ham winger was seen leaving his home in Essex last week.

Dani and Jarrod became friends earlier this year and have grown closer in recent weeks.

After her imprisonment in July, Dani’s new romance came when she left the former Semie Cummins – whom she shares with Santiago.

The pair set a date in 2018 on the island of love, a year before Dani’s time.

After the beauty parted ways with Jack, the two returned together and welcomed Santiago into the world in January 2021.

Meanwhile, Jack is caught in an explosive queue with Casey, the mother of his daughter Bloom, who was born in January 2020.

Casey said she was going to write a book about her ongoing feud because she insisted: “I’m not ashamed.”

Casey has criticized Jack on social media several times in recent months, and released another statement earlier this week accusing him of having an “absent” relationship with his young daughter. Are

Jack responded by sharing two messages on his Instagram story claiming to have been a week away from Casey – first asking for child support in his bank account, and that he was his daughter. Will leave for one or two. Hours every other week, and every second she refuses to let her little girl see her if she is not there.

Former Leo Island Champ wrote: “Every story has two sides but I choose to keep it private and say nothing.”

Dani is now the mother of her son Santiago.


Dani is now the mother of her son Santiago.

Jack has a daughter called Blossom.


Jack has a daughter called Blossom.

Dani Dyer reveals the struggle for single parent son Santi after his separation from jailed Sammy Commons.

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