October 18, 2021

‘I’ve always been a feminist’: Jean-Paul Galtier became curator – an expat guide to France.

After a long way to go in the fashion world, Jean-Paul Galtier is opening up new horizons after retiring from business last year.

The former French fashion “horror horror” has organized an exhibition in Paris about women’s power, featuring screen icons ranging from Marilyn Monroe to this year’s stunning Palme d’Or winner “Titan”. ۔

“I’ve always been a feminist,” the 69-year-old told AFP during a visit to the exhibition.

“I wanted to show the evolution of women and men in cinema and fashion. Men are becoming more feminine and women are gaining more power and freedom.

“Cinemod”, which opens in the Cinematic Franchise this Wednesday, collects hand-picked movie clips, photos and costumes.

Galtier himself has immersed himself in the world of film and fashion, designing costumes for Spanish author Pedro Almodouver, and is best known for the 1990s sci-fi hit “The Fifth Element”.

He likes images from the 1950s and 1960s, Marilyn Monroe and Bridget Bardot.

“At the time, Bridget Bardot was very modern and independent, while Marilyn was a woman,” he said.

He stopped watching Bardot dance relentlessly in a scene from “And God Made Woman.”

“That was the demand of the 1950s!” He says happily

He also likes Bardot’s pink checkered wedding dress on display: “She had an incredible fashion sense.”

– ‘A new step’ –

Galtier surprised everyone in January 2020 when he announced his retirement after half a century at the top of the fashion world.

Now he invites a young designer to create a haute couture collection for his home every season, but he wants new challenges for himself.

“It’s a new phase. I don’t just want to do fashion anymore,” he said.

“It’s like I’m making a new collection. It’s a new adventure, combining fashion with cinema.

“The theme is a combination of style – the rich with the poor, the working class with the elite, meeting each other and having new children.”

With a finger on the pulse of popular culture, the collection continues to the present moment, with images of “Titan”, the Palm-winning body horror film in which a woman takes violent revenge on men.

“It’s a very well-made film that portrays a very powerful woman in a very modern way,” Galtier said.

The show also features a return to its original form, as it includes director Jacques Baker’s 1945 film “Paris Furls”, which puts a young Jane Paul on the path to her career.

“It was my Bible. I didn’t go to fashion school, so it was my education – a wonderful portrait of the world of clothing.

“There was a catwalk show and the audience was applauding and I said to myself: ‘I want to do this!’ ‘

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